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  1. RainDoe

    Fandom  Looking for a hyper chill Marvel Cinematic Universe roleplay

    Back at it again with trying to get a long term Marvel Cinematic Universe roleplay. For every time I get ghosted brings me one step closer to meeting someone who's going be a cool new friend. Honestly I want to rewatch the MCU or the new stuff coming out and get really fangirly with a buddy...
  2. RainDoe

    Fandom  Looking for chill Kingdom Hearts partner

    Hey there, I'm suffering from super duper nostalgia and want to do a Kingdom Hearts roleplay. I have 10 + years of roleplay experience and I definitely know my way around the KH lore. You're going to find me a very lax partner who wants to write for a good time and not as a second job. DM me if...
  3. RainDoe

    Fandom  ...Sonic Movie RP?

    < Okay everyone, I saw the Sonic movie and it was pretty cute < I honestly don't think many people would be interested in a movie-verse rolepay, but damn you I want Jim Carrey Robotnik < I am offering doubling, I write a canon character for you (yes, obviously not just the movie characters the...