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  1. jaydude

    Fandom Mortal Kombat Roleplay

    Heya. I haven't actually played any of the games (though I have watched playthroughs on YouTube), but I am somewhat familiar with the lore and the setting, and wouldn't mind exploring it more with someone who, by all appearances, seems to be in the same boat as me. In terms of plot ideas, I...
  2. jaydude

    Fantasy 1x1 Exalted 2.5 game with Sidereals - Closed

    If you were using Exalted Essence, I might be more interested. Anyway, I'm gonna head off to bed now. It's about half-eleven for me.
  3. jaydude

    Fantasy 1x1 Exalted 2.5 game with Sidereals - Closed

    Okay. After a bit more thought, I think I might sit this one out. As much as I enjoy gaming with you and everyone else, I'm not entirely sure about returning to 2.5E's systems. You have a good time though.
  4. jaydude

    Fantasy 1x1 Exalted 2.5 game with Sidereals - Closed

    Hmm. And what would be in line with what you have planned?
  5. jaydude

    Fantasy 1x1 Exalted 2.5 game with Sidereals - Closed

    Mind if I bring in Shi-vash for this?
  6. jaydude

    Futuristic FxF plots!

    Hey there. I'd be up for either the first or third of your plots.
  7. jaydude

    Fandom Fxf Partner

    Sorry, but I'm not looking for anything in these fandoms right now.
  8. jaydude

    Fandom Fxf Partner

    Okay, any particular fandoms you're interested in?
  9. jaydude

    Fandom Fxf Partner

    Hey. Are you still looking for an RP?
  10. jaydude

    Fandom Give me a break. Enough with the romantic crap.

    Any particular fandoms?
  11. jaydude

    Fandom Clarisse's Fandom Search

    Hi there. Would definitely be up for something involving Jinora x Kai.
  12. jaydude

    Fantasy Looking for partners! (Always open!) Fandoms, plots, pairings, and more

    Hi there. I'd definitely be interested in doing an Avatar/Legend of Korra RP.
  13. jaydude

    Fandom Dragon Age||Request

    As a DA fan, this is sounding pretty interesting. I'm up for something taking place during either II or Inquisition.
  14. jaydude

    Fandom Karcens' RP search

    I might be interested in doing something related to Skyrim. Do you have any ideas? How far through the game have you gotten?
  15. jaydude

    Avatar:The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra 1x1 Search

    I'd be up for another LoK RP. Any ideas on what you want to do?
  16. jaydude

    Fandom Search (Plots Available; Need People)

    I'd be interested in a Legend of Korra RP. Want me to PM you with ideas?