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  1. HowlingWoods

    Fantasy  [MxM] Two Victorian-Steampunk Pirate Plots! For YOU!

    Heyo! My name's Howl, nice to meet y'all! I'm a semi-literate to literate writer who has been roleplaying for 10+ years. I'll try to keep this short, but if you have any questions about me, my expectations for you, or my ideas, feel free to send a message my way! I've recently been getting...
  2. HowlingWoods

    Fandom  One Piece - Boy With a Scar Roleplay [Based on the Fanfic by Syluk]

    Hi there! My name is Howl, and to be completely honest this normally isn't my jig - the whole fandom thing. That said, one of my favorite fanfics in existence (which could also probably win a record for slowest updates ever) released a new chapter 2 months ago and I ended up re-reading the...
  3. HowlingWoods

    Fantasy  To See the Stars [OPEN for Votes]

    Hey there! This is my first time making a quest thread, so please bear with me here. This story is set in my own original universe, which you can read more about under the ‘lore’ section. You’re welcome to skip over the lore section if you like, but know that this story was intended for people...
  4. HowlingWoods

    Realistic or Modern  I Met Them On ABIMO [HowlingWoods x itliveswithin]

    Art ABIMO Introductions SATURDAY 7:00PM AlexinAction So, uh, hey there. I guess this is how you write one of these things. My name is Alex, I'm a poet. Sorta? I like to write poetry. Does that make me a poet? Anyway, it's nice to meet you all. maybe message me if you want to talk? 🤷‍♂️
  5. HowlingWoods

    Realistic or Modern  A Unique Idea

    Hi there! My name is HowlingWoods, I go by Karmatose on some sites. Feel free to call me Howl or Karma, I'm okay with either moniker. A little about me before we begin: I'm an 18-year old high school graduate using she/her pronouns. I live in the EST/EDT time zone and have recently been...
  6. HowlingWoods

    Fantasy  The Divine Brotherhood - An Original Low-Fantasy Universe

    The Divine Brotherhood An Original Low-Fantasy Universe IMPORTANT NOTE: This universe is a work-in-progress. It is already fairly developed in it's own right, but almost everything is subject to change over time. Please do not be discouraged if you don't like one or two details! We can always...
  7. HowlingWoods

    Fandom  Doctor Who? : Incoming, the 21st Century Einstein [Looking for someone to play the 10th or 11th Doctor]

    It all started with a simple message to a friend... And so, low and behold, I search for a partner who hopefully is interested in this self-indulgent idea of mine. Below is my character form, followed by what I'm looking for in a partner. Don't stress if you don't meet every requirement! Chat...
  8. HowlingWoods

    Opinion  I Don't Even Knew How to Sew: When People Assume You Do What You Don't

    There's a lot of things that people assume I do that I don't. I could name a few things people assume: that I've used Netflix before, that I'm funny intentionally (I'm apparently funny but rarely intentionally), that just because I can crochet a stuffed animal means I can make them an entire...
  9. HowlingWoods

    Realistic or Modern  Immortal Pirate Lovers Who Write Letters to Each Other? You're on!

    It's the height of the pirate era. Muse A is one of the most famous pirates around, rumored to be the captain of the cruelest, most powerful crew to sail the seas. What's more? He's immortal. Muse B is the child of the governor of a small port town with an unhealthy obsession with the man she's...
  10. HowlingWoods

    Other  Help I'm On the Weird Side of the Internet

    Help I'm on the weird side of the internet
  11. HowlingWoods

    Video  Visual Audiobooks?

    I honestly don't know what else to call this...ideas would be welcome! So, I did this project for a school-related contest, and I later posted it on Youtube when coronavirus made it clear I'm not getting the results of the contest for a while. The contest had multiple options for ways to...
  12. HowlingWoods

    The Divine Brotherhood: OCs & Side Characters

    The Divine Brotherhood Characters A collection of my characters and persistent side characters for my original low-fantasy universe, the Divine Brotherhood. You can find more information about the universe at my interest check HERE! Some Things to Note I will just come right out there and say...
  13. HowlingWoods

    Fantasy  Recognized [Mortal x Howl]

    VINCENT "Call me Vinny again and you'll be walking out of here with a bloody nose." Full Name: Vincent Vangoli Nicknames: Vinny Opinion of Nickname: Calling him that is a good way to get punched in the face. Gender: Male Age: 27 Species: Demon Cardinal Element: Air Minor Element: N/A Vincent...
  14. HowlingWoods

    Fantasy  God Dances With the Outcast [Kevin x Howl]

    JUNIPER BARON "Oh if only only only we could be happy and ordinary like other people." If there's one thing living with the resistance has taught Junn, it's that when life goes to the shitter, he can always rely on his training to blow some steam. He had traveled some ways off from the where...
  15. HowlingWoods

    Fantasy  Dangerous Secrets [BirbLady x Howl]

    JUNIPER FEAL Male|22 Years|Demon|Non-Elemental A lonely melody drifted down the hall, the faint sound seeming almost like a siren's call to anyone passing by. But there wasn't supposed to be anyone passing by; the entire left wing of the Feal estate was kept locked, and only select members of...
  16. HowlingWoods

    Fantasy  The Divine Brotherhood - An Original Low-Fantasy Universe

    @leviathan. THE DIVINE BROTHERHOOD AN ORIGINAL LOW-FANTASY UNIVERSE IMPORTANT NOTE: This universe is a work-in-progress. It is already fairly developed in it's own right, but almost everything is subject to change over time. Please do not be discouraged if you don't like one or two...
  17. HowlingWoods

    Fantasy  The Soldier and the Fox [Howl x Astrowrld]

    Resources: Lore, Race Descriptions, Setting Juniper, Howl's Character --accent: #949494; --image: url('http://s2.favim.com/orig/151004/autumn-background-beautiful-black-and-white-Favim.com-3394132.jpg'); --texture: url('https://i.imgur.com/bJxeGab.png'); [div class=variables] [div...
  18. HowlingWoods

    Music  Kitten War

    I just found this and felt strongly compelled to share. So, without further ado, "LET SLIP THE KITTENS OF WAR!" "Oh, the horror!"
  19. HowlingWoods

    Realistic or Modern  Clancy-Lancy Has Got a Fancy ~

    fas fa-quote-left Clancy-Lancy has got a fancy... a shiny new scalpel with which to do necromancy! ~ Clancy Clancy, put that scalpel down right now! ~ Miya fas fa-quote-right fas fa-quote-left Relax, I'm a qualified doctor! ~Clancy THE POOR CHILD HAS CHICKENPOX, NOT A TUMOR!! ~ Miya fas...
  20. HowlingWoods

    Digital  Clancy and the Orange - WIP Comic Strip

    Hey guys, I've been working on a comic strip for a new character of mine named Clancy. He's an insane do-gooder genius doctor. He also has a bone to pick with oranges. That's right, oranges. Like the fruit. He strongly believes that a color cannot be edible, and thus hates oranges. I did...