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  1. MadMother88

    Fantasy Fantasy Romance Rp, any plot!

    Do you have plots, or any specific creatures that you like? I have a few fantasy races characters
  2. MadMother88

    Fandom Skyrim Rp, anyone?

    Hey, I've been wanting to do a Skyrim RP lately, you still up for it? I don't mind some slice of life but I do have a small plot
  3. MadMother88

    Fantasy casually searching x

    I have a world that's like a medieval fantasy, filled with mythical creatures if it interests you(like dragons, griffons, mermaids, trolls, etc.). I also enjoy slice of life stuff, and have several characters for that too, I have modern ideas that are also fantasy XD
  4. MadMother88

    Fantasy Mermaid plotttttt [MxF]

    I clicked cause it said mermaid XD Although, my only mermaid character right now was born one, but maybe we could work something out?
  5. MadMother88

    Fantasy Looking for fantasy medieval plots! [CLOSED]

    Hello, this post interests me, did you have anything specific in mind for plots? I've made a world where it's like a medieval fantasy
  6. MadMother88

    Fantasy Slice of life with monsters

    Hello, I'm interested in some slice of life, and have various characters such as: mermaid, centaur, and sphinx. Kind of interested in the centaur one on a farm XD I can have both male or female characters, and fine with a budding romance, or just friendship.
  7. MadMother88

    Fantasy Partner Search~

    Hey, looking around and saw this post. What kind of Skyrim rps do you like doing?
  8. MadMother88

    Fandom  Return to Skyrim

    More then a century after the events of Skyrim, dragons still somehow roam the skies. Some hiding, flying high above the land, only to vanish. But now there are more than ever being seen, and the people are afraid they're gathering for an all out assault of their home... Looking for someone who...
  9. MadMother88

    Fantasy The Village that time forgot

    Yes, sorry!! Apparently, it doesn't like to give me alerts or something when somebody responds sometimes -_-'
  10. MadMother88

    Fantasy  Mermaid RP

    Deep beneath the waves lies hidden for the most part. There's so much of the oceans we haven't discovered, there may yet be beings that have belonged only in myth and legends down where the sunlight can't reach... Looking for guy/girl character to rp with, could be friendship or romance if you...
  11. MadMother88


  12. MadMother88

    Fantasy  The Village that time forgot

    A village that time has seem to have forgotten, rests in the mountains with thick forests, and clean rivers may be the place for you. The people here aren't used to a lot of tourists, but are friendly enough if you need help with something. The only inn there is run by a kind older woman, and...
  13. MadMother88

    Yay food! Lol

    Yay food! Lol
  14. MadMother88

    Fantasy  The Maiden

    Earth. The beautiful blue planet. But the world seems sick, pollution in the air and chemicals in what you eat. You, however, can be different. You can take a stand, but not here, not just yet. Long lost to the nations is the one human that can speak for the Goddess, the Maiden. One night as you...
  15. MadMother88

    Fantasy Class Sphinx

    So, you interested in this rp then, or something else I've posted?
  16. MadMother88

    Fantasy Class Sphinx

    Sure, sorry I'm getting back to you so late lol, I hadn't noticed anyone responded XD
  17. MadMother88

    Fantasy  Dragon Empire

    You are a citizen of Adaryiij, a large continent and home of the great Dragon Empire. Ruled by an Empress that receives visions from your Gods, and protected by the Makara Mura, the strongest warriors that ride dragons themselves. Four years ago, the Capital was attacked, and the Empress...
  18. MadMother88

    Fantasy  Class Sphinx

    Kaligenia is from Egypt. A foreigner that your teacher says could use a guide here. She's pretty, seems nice and doesn't say much at first, but you try to be someone she could talk to. As you get an assignment together, it seems to be a perfect way to get to know her and her family. But there's...
  19. MadMother88

    I'm hungry...

    I'm hungry...
  20. MadMother88

    Fantasy  Primal

    Nightmares have been plaguing you for days now, and they always start the same. You're outside in some open plain at night, but there's no moon. No clouds and yet, even the stars are gone. You feel something there, in the darkness, a presence that deep in your soul you recognize. A primal terror...