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  1. Mr.Laufeyson

    Fantasy  Operation Snow Storm: Battle of Typhon

    Welcome to the main page of O.S.S where the rp will take place. Do not post here until the first post by the GM(me) and your character has been accepted. Every recruit to the Hades Division has received the following letter, two days prior to the events happening now; O.S.S CONSCRIPTION...
  2. Mr.Laufeyson

    Fantasy  Operation Snow Storm: OOC/Lore

    all ooc chat will be placed here along with the all the lore pertaining to the world of O.S.S The idea of this is completely made up and while I do have a definite idea of how things should go, I am completely open to ideas and clarifications of things that I haven't figured out yet. the basic...
  3. Mr.Laufeyson

    Fantasy  Operation Snow Storm (Roster)

    Hades Division *Captain- Mr.Laufeyson *lieutenant 1st class- LightningChildIxion *lieutenant 2nd class- open *(weapon specialist) Private first class: open *medic: Fana *Engineer: Open *soldier(private): ru_ *soldier(private) : Open *solider(private) : Open *soldier(private) : Open O.S.S...
  4. Mr.Laufeyson

    Fantasy  Operation Snow Storm

    https://www.rpnation.com/threads/operation-snow-storm-battle-of-typhon.501147/ ok so after watching the anime Fire Force, this show called Motherland, and the show Shadow and Bone I came up with this neat little short story I like to call Operation Snow Storm. Basically, the main villains in...
  5. Mr.Laufeyson

    Fandom  Demon Slayer: Breath of Destruction (open)

    As the goddess Amateratsu graced the lands with her shining gaze once again, the residents of Fujikasane Mountain began to pull themselves from their homes and hiding places to start what would be an amazing day full of celebration. Today was the Day of Enlisting in which new demon slayer...
  6. Mr.Laufeyson

    Fandom  Breath of Destruction OOC/ Lore

    Thread for all your OOC needs Breath of Destruction Lore More than 2000 years after the original battle between Muzan and the Demon slayer Corp. the people of Japan lived in peace, free from the oppression of the demons. This changed when a scientist researching the ,now thought...
  7. Mr.Laufeyson

    Fandom  Demon Slayer: Breath of Destruction CS

    This is the character sign up for Breath of Destruction, when you character is fully complete here and wait for me to approve. Demon Slayer Corp Reforged The Hashira: 4 dedicated demon slayers who rose above everyone with knowledge of the old ways and the determination to train and defend the...
  8. Mr.Laufeyson

    Fandom  Demon Slayer: Breath of Destruction

    Ok so for starters the name's Frigid Laufeyson and its a pleasure to meet you. Ive been wanting to do a demon slayer rp for a while now but have yet to actually find one sooooo I've created this little blurb .... I want this to be an entirely member created rp which means everyone can chip in on...
  9. Mr.Laufeyson

    Realistic or Modern  Children of despair (subject to change)

    In the early days of civilization, three god siblings, desperate to prove their worth to each other and their parents, greeted three great and massive kingdoms. Another the eldest of the three and goddess water creates her civilization over the sea using the powerful magic in her crown to keep...