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  1. XxAntisavagedxX

    Fantasy Trinity Crescent School For The Talented *Main* ( Closed )

    Julian arrived at the school first thing in the morning. It was around 6 am and he was wide awake his insomnia not allowing him to sleep. Or it could be his ever growing anxiety attack waiting to be released from the grasp Julian has on it. Julian glanced at the school with a small grin on his...
  2. XxAntisavagedxX

    Fantasy Trinity Cresent School For Talented OCC

    Could I receive a rundown on what is currently going on for I can go ahead and do my first post?
  3. XxAntisavagedxX

    Fantasy Trinity Cresent School For The Talented Character Sheets

    True this but he has no friends to be nice with yet hehe
  4. XxAntisavagedxX

    Fantasy Trinity Cresent School For The Talented Character Sheets

    Appearance : Name : Julian Hale Alias/Nickname : Jules Age : 16 Group ( Elementary, Junior, Senior ) : Junior/Senior Ability Type Class : Special Ability : Shadow Manipulation / Darkness Manipulation Talents : He is skilled in Hand to Hand Combat, One handed and Two Handed combat...
  5. XxAntisavagedxX

    Fantasy N.A.M | CCS

    Julian yawned loudly as he awoken from his deep slumber. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his left hand to get rid of the crust in the corners of his eyes. As he finish waking completely up he climbs out of his twin size bed. He looked around his small room and it made him have a flashback to...
  6. XxAntisavagedxX

    Fantasy | Yaundonia Academy CS (Closed) |

    Full Name: Julian Hale Preferred Name : Jules Age: 16 Birthday: June 10 Gender: Male Orientation: Gay Race: Mage (With a wolf counterpart) Occupation: Student Backstory: Before Julian was born in another planet was a man who was lonely. He...