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  1. catdog

    Fantasy New Oasis: Four Heavenly Kings

    holy shrek, I am definitely joining this!
  2. catdog

    Fantasy New Oasis: Four Heavenly Kings

    I'll be looking at this tonight after work
  3. catdog

    Multiple Settings Roar & Howl, shape-shifter interest check

    My next day off will be Tuesday, Threads will be up sometime then everyone ~
  4. catdog

    Multiple Settings Roar & Howl, shape-shifter interest check

    Yes! This is open to anyone interested, I haven't yet completed the lore and CS thread, anyone who has posted here will be tagged when I have them up ~
  5. catdog

    Multiple Settings Roar & Howl, shape-shifter interest check

    yes! There is something of a role that I think you would enjoy Sanonymous! There will also be a colosseum part that I think will suit your interest Fern. I am still working on the thread and lore; I have been working but should have a day off soon ~ I'll tag everyone when it's up
  6. catdog

    Fantasy For Astoria! - (Reboot)

    this looks super cool. I'm gonna give it a reread tomorrow afternoon (am tired).
  7. catdog

    Multiple Settings Roar & Howl, shape-shifter interest check

    I will be working on the lore/CS, but I have but one question for all those who still have interest! Would you prefer this be in modern/today's time setting or alternatively in a setting where there are no guns, the technology is more medieval, or at least not as developed as today's technology?
  8. catdog

    Realistic or Modern Soulmate AU Deconstruction!

    I would be interested in something like this since it seems open to involve more than just love, is there a chance that maybe a soul-pair are soulmates because they are best friends for life (and beyond/death/etc) without the kind of love you find in kissing, couples, etc.
  9. catdog

    Advice/Help  group search threads?

    I have seen one x one interest checks that list all that you want, and as the section indicates, is for a one on one experience. But Is there a benefit in doing the same in groups? Listing what kind of group roleplays you are searching for? I ask because I haven't seen anything like that like I...
  10. catdog

    Experiences Which of your interest checks have gotten the most response?

    I see a lot of fandom threads on here so far (well in the one x one section) and a lot of pairings that include typical roles/tropes (like Knight x Prince/Princess, Enemy x Enemy, that sort of thing). a lot of people like CanonxOC or CanonxCanon (I personally do not and much prefer original...
  11. catdog

    Multiple Settings Roar & Howl, shape-shifter interest check

    That's ok! I'm not familiar with animorphs, but yes, you tur into a carbon copy of the animal. In some things you may be able to take on traits of the animal. Examples; if Tony's animal is an Ant, he might be able to lift ten times his weight while still in human form. You would not however grow...
  12. catdog

    Realistic or Modern industry, baby!

    oh! I thought we had to wait to pm you!
  13. catdog

    Realistic or Modern Hollywood Arts

    Hi! I just wanted to ask if you are still closed, your rp thread says you are open and accepting?
  14. catdog

    Multiple Settings  Roar & Howl, shape-shifter interest check

    dj, spin it! roar & howl You can put whatever you want in here -- mood, location, images etc. It's a scroll... WITHIN A SCROLL. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus sem enim, pellentesque nec nibh vitae, pretium aliquam arcu. Cras facilisis nibh purus, nec...
  15. catdog

    Realistic or Modern industry, baby!

    tracking because yes and also I think you referenced a song I really enjoy
  16. catdog

    Fantasy calling all the monsters

    Hello! I'm interested
  17. catdog

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello! I write, but I don't think I have "roleplayed" before, or I don't think I called it roleplay, just writing with others. Either way I enjoy world-building, character development, all the good stuff and joy writing brings -except for essays. I fluffing hate essays, I think it has to do with...