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  1. thefryboio

    Fantasy Partners in crime maybe?

    yes please :D
  2. thefryboio

    Fantasy  Partners in crime maybe?

    Hi guys its me, fry! formally known as gontaisbestboi uwu. I was wondering if you, the viewer, would be interested in a nice Psychopath x Psychopath? aka relentless murderers? it would have gore, and romance, but nothing inappropriate! that goes okay with the rules Im okay with oneliners but...
  3. thefryboio

    Realistic or Modern  Cafe roleplay?

    I Just Want a SimPle cafe roleplay, it can be neko, i definately want it to be edgy and angst like something like this Markus held his head looking at his shortened paycheck"How will i pay rent this month...?I need a new job but...she keeps coming back and..Ugh this feeling is so ANNOYING!"he...
  4. thefryboio

    Fandom Inanimate insanity shipping roleplay?

    Lets go then! wow I totally wasnt expecting this at all lmao, also s a m e
  5. thefryboio

    Fandom Inanimate insanity shipping roleplay?

    Omg object show fans shipping actually exists here?! I was just testing !! wait so- do you wanna roleplay it? also yes bfb is amazing
  6. thefryboio

    Fandom  Inanimate insanity shipping roleplay?

    If you dont know what inanimate insanity is click this Inanimate insanity playlist I ship anyone and everyone!! Soooo- my favorite ships are Lightbrush(lightbulb and paintbrush) fantube(fan and test tube) Lighttube(lightbulb and testtube fanbrush(fan and paintbrush) marshapplebow(marshmellow...
  7. thefryboio

    Multiple Settings Rp partner interest check (always open)

    okay! tommorow though!
  8. thefryboio

    Fandom Danganronpa roleplay anyone?

    also yes. gonta isssss bes boio
  9. thefryboio

    Fandom Danganronpa roleplay anyone?

    :D cool! okay ill PM you!!
  10. thefryboio

    Realistic or Modern Looking for gore/horror rp

    OH YES PLEASE! OC x OC pleasee!
  11. thefryboio

    Multiple Settings looking for 1x1 oc rp

    Hello! im interested!
  12. thefryboio

    Fandom Danganronpa roleplay anyone?

    but the second game is fine too! i kinda want romance-
  13. thefryboio

    Fandom  Danganronpa roleplay anyone?

    I kinda want theeee 3rd game, i can be multiple characters if you would like! no ocs, i dont like those atm! i roleplay like this "" or **, for example Kokichi roamed down the hall all sneaky like, trying to find gonta so he can help with a certain problem of his. After finding him he...
  14. thefryboio

    Multiple Settings Rp partner interest check (always open)

    hey! Ill gladly do a danganronpa roleplay with you!
  15. thefryboio

    24/7 roleplay partner

    cowboy x city girl?
  16. thefryboio

    Multiple Settings Cravings/Search Thread!

    sure i will
  17. thefryboio

    Multiple Settings Wanna do a Eddsworld roleplay?

    i would love to do this
  18. thefryboio

    Multiple Settings Granny Quellys's RP 1x1 Search

    Oh yes! I’m loving the werewolf x mortal idea!
  19. thefryboio

    Realistic or Modern Oc x oc

    I’m interested!