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  1. Obsidianserpent

    Fantasy  Devil Stone Chronicles

    Devil Stone Chronicles ACT I Moonbeams penetrated a sea of oaks and spruces, illuminating a narrow path through the forest. In the carriage at the rear of the caravan, brooding beneath chestnut curls, Lucien Fay sipped at a cup of mugwort tea and cringed. This tastes like horse piss, the...
  2. Obsidianserpent

    Fantasy  Ancient Chinese, Light-Magic Fantasy

    Hello, RPers! I'm looking for an advanced RPer to join me in a light magic, fantasy adventure set in 257 B.C. during the Warring States period of Chinese history. I would play as Zang, a psychic who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt made by the brothers and sisters of his coven, known...
  3. Obsidianserpent

    Multiple Settings  The Curse of Rose Manor

    Would anyone 21+ be interested in a group, horror RP set in 1850s Victorian England? The plot would entail our characters having to escape an old manor that once belonged to a priest of the demoness Lilith. Our party would have to both slay cultists and solve puzzles that require our combined...
  4. Obsidianserpent

    Fantasy  Looking for a committed, literate partner.

    So, the never-ending search for a partner continues. I've been writing and roleplaying online for many years. My preferred genre is Fantasy of one sort or another, but I also enjoy Sci-fi on occasion. I prefer quality over quantity; I post three or four paragraphs (at least) once a week...
  5. Obsidianserpent

    Fantasy  Tales of Kijat

    Moonbeams cascaded across miles of sand and stone, illuminating the cliffside. In the wagon at the rear of the caravan, brooding beneath long, crimson robes, the skinwalker Nadir sipped at a small of cup of needle grass tea and cringed. This tastes like horse piss, Nadir thought to himself, but...
  6. Obsidianserpent

    Multiple Settings  Seeking advanced, committed partners for creative RPs.

    Hello, everyone. The search for a partner continues. I wish I understood why it was so difficult to find an experienced, committed partner who doesn't vanish unexpectedly; alas, here I am. I've been RPing for a long time and I take it seriously. I'm looking for a partner with similar priorities...
  7. Obsidianserpent

    Story  Tales of Vogos, Chapter I

    MORCANT Swamp water continued to leak into Morcant’s tattered leather boots. The soles of his feet had become so blistered and waterlogged that each step through the mire felt as though he were strolling barefoot across a bed of thorns. Coin sized welts covered the exposed areas of his arms...
  8. Obsidianserpent

    Fantasy  Looking for an advanced, long-term partner.

    Hello, everyone. I’ve decided that my request thread could use an update, so hear we go. I consider myself an advanced RPer. I’ve been writing for a long time and I put a lot of time and effort into my RPs. I and am looking for another similarly skilled and committed writer to design many...
  9. Obsidianserpent

    Fantasy  Witcher-esque (Eastern European) Group Adventure.

    Hello, everyone. Are there any experienced writers who might be interested in a dark, medieval, eastern European, light-magic fantasy setting for an RP (somewhat like that of the Witcher or Castelvania series)? I'm looking for 2 or 3 other serious RPers for what I think will be a fun adventure...
  10. Obsidianserpent

    Fantasy  Looking for an advanced partner 21+

    Hello everyone; the partner search continues. I consider myself a relatively advanced RPer and am looking for another similarly skilled writer. Here's what I'm looking for in a partner: Writes 2-3 paragraphs minimum. Posts at least once a week (I prefer quality over quantity). Pays...
  11. Obsidianserpent

    Partner for Tribal Fantasy?

    Greetings fellow Rpers. Would anyone be interested in a light magic fantasy RP taking place in a tribal setting? I have a tentative plot in mind:
  12. Obsidianserpent

    Advanced partner for Japanese Fantasy

    Hello everyone. After a hiatus of sorts, I'm back and looking for a reliable partner to RP with. When I'm RPing I take it seriously, and I'd much rather my partner post quality material than meet an arbitrary deadline. I post every few days, but my posts are generally anywhere between 5-7...
  13. Obsidianserpent

    Partner for Norse/Viking Fantasy

    Hey peeps! I'm looking for a skilled partner to help me design a unique RP inspired by Norse mythology and culture. The plot would begin within the mountain village of Raghild, where a demonic beast is wrecking havoc. The creature slays several warriors and innocents alike, and leaves a demonic...
  14. Obsidianserpent

    Looking for an advanced partner.

    Hello everyone: the search for an RP partner continues. I wish I understood why it was so difficult to find a literate, creative partner who actually sees an RP through. I've been RPing for quite some time and take it pretty seriously. I frequently include art and music in my posts, which are...
  15. Obsidianserpent

    Literate Parnter for Princess Mononoke RP

    Hello everyone! A while back I created an RP which takes place roughly five years after the events of Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke. I originally had several players that committed to it, but both flaked out pretty early on. I have a creative plot in mind, and would love to give this...
  16. Obsidianserpent

    One x One  Blood and Sand

    @Obsidianserpent, please edit this post to include any OOC information.
  17. Obsidianserpent

    One x One  Blood and Sand

    @Obsidianserpent, please edit this post to include the character/sign-up information.
  18. Obsidianserpent

    Blood and Sand

    ACT I It was approaching midnight on the eve of the summer solstice. That was what the spell required. Candlelight peered through the crevices of the reed shack where the Skin Walker Janhul, long, grey skinned, and covered in ceremonial paint, sat cross-legged upon a mat of palms and...
  19. Obsidianserpent

    Advanced partner for non-traditional Fantasy.

    Hello everyone. I love fantasy, but I tire of the genre's hackneyed tropes such as elves, dragons, dwarves etc. I'd like to design an original fantasy that is very dark and macabre, with humans being the only mortal 'race' (there will be different ethnic groups). The story will be driven by...
  20. Obsidianserpent

    Fantasy  Cataclysm: Advanced Gothic Fantasy

    Hey peeps! I've recently been working on a light magic fantasy set in a gothic, medieval world. Initially, I intended for this RP to be 1X1 adventure. However, the world continued to expand and I realized this could actually be a lot of fun with multiple players. Here's the the prologue: I...