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    Fantasy  Children of Olympus

    Adonis sat bored in a meeting with Chiron and the heads of the Satyrs Minotaurs and Centaurs as they argued and bickered like kids,” they crossed this line!” then another ” Well we caught you on our territory!” And other complaints soared across the room before Adonis had enough. Letting out a...
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    Quest  Children of Olympus Lore thread

    For beginners we will cover all lore for Thessaly and the night creatures along with future plot arcs. For starters we will begin with the creatures that live on Thessaly. Thessaly is one of the last lands untouched by war, night creatures, and last but not least Humans, that’s probably due to...
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    Quest  Children of Olympus cs thread

    Here we go people sorry for the delay, but here is the cs nothing crazy it is short so if you want to add something to it go ahead but these are the essentials. @Yoshi-kun @oooo @averis. @Worthlessplebian @Peckinou @Blackrose7 @animegirl20 @Talathel Name:(Obvious) Godly parent:(Obvious...
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    Fantasy  Children of Olympus: Protectors of the Greek World.

    Information: This plot will revolve around a group of demigods in Ancient Greece, generally around the time of the Athenian and Spartan War. Our characters as self recognized deities reside on an island below Olympus where we train and protect all of mankind and its mythological creatures. Now...
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    Fandom  A shinobi’s nindo

    Marching into the Leafs Bounty station Zitami approached the counter with a huge black bag over his shoulder weighing him down. Slinging the bag over the counter landing with a thud, signaling for the clerk to take a look looking in the bag. Peering into the bag second he quickly closed it...