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  1. CometBlaster

    Fandom Five Nights at Freddy's RP Search

    Hi! I would be interested in trying this out!
  2. CometBlaster

    Fandom Fluffy or dark? Up to you! Looking for Undertale rpers!~

    @PolishTwinky Hello! I would be interested in doing an rp with you! I’m a literate writer, and I tend to post at least four detailed paragraphs per post though this can vary depending on how much is given to me. I also love talking ooc with my rp and have a character of my own I would like to...
  3. CometBlaster

    Fandom Three Houses Roleplay!!

  4. CometBlaster

    Fandom  Three Houses Roleplay!!

    I haven’t been incredibly active in this site for a while now, but with all this quarantine and stress going on, I could really do with a good roleplay ;-;. Rules: - Please be over 18! It’s more of a comfort thing with me. I’m 21 and we might touch on some darker topics so I really don’t want...
  5. CometBlaster

    Fandom fire emblem three houses + canon/oc + doubling

    Hey, this looks amazing!! Still active??
  6. CometBlaster

    Multiple Settings Testing the Waters/Introduction

    Hey! I read your post and I would absolutely love to roleplay Three Houses with you. I’ve done all the routes plus the DLC, and one of the OCs I would be using is centered in that very universe. I write a lot too and make it my goal to post at least once a day. DM me if you’re interested!
  7. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    “I could give you a little tour around the Pentagon if you want!” She explained with a wide smile. She really did want to make it up to him, even if he wasn’t all that mad to begin with. Besides, this was a good way for her to get to know him even better. “If you don’t want to do anything, we...
  8. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    “I thought it would. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think it would do....something.” She scrambled to say the right thing after seeing how shocked he seemed. She felt awful because she was so sure something would happen. Usually demons figured out what their powers were relatively quickly...
  9. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    Charlie’s smug look instantly turned to horror when she realized her plan did work. She rushed over to Max and almost grabbed his arms but refrained from doing so, worried the gesture might be too familiar for her to do it. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t think that would happen! I was never going to...
  10. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    Charlie already had a plan for that, but wasn’t going to tell him and risk spoiling the surprise. She scratched the back of her head in mock concentration and hummed. She was quite talented at acting when it wasn’t under stressful situations. “Well....” she trailed off, still pretending to...
  11. CometBlaster

    Fandom Gravity Falls Roleplay

    I would still love to be Bill!
  12. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    Charlie nodded “Yes, they do but what if we were to speed it up a little.” She said, trying to grab his attention. “Usually, when a demon discovers their powers, they do it by accident! It could be during a walk, in their sleep, in a fight.” She explained, pacing a little. She wasn’t even sure...
  13. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    Charlie laughed nervously, looking around the place. “I know...it’s difficult to get repair guys down here. They’re afraid of being accused of believing in redemption or something like that.” She said sadly. She ran a hand over an old table on the side of the hall. Lots of the junk in here came...
  14. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    “Well, he was a serial killer in his life but that’s the least of it. Let’s just say there’s more to him than a smile and some cool magic tricks.” Charlie said, laughing nervously. Oh boy, how could she put this without scaring Max away. “No one knows how he became so powerful, some say he made...
  15. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    Alastor nodded and laughed. “What a splendid idea, I can see that you’re in the making of a spectacular negotiator!” He told him before turning to Charlie, looking as intimidating as ever. “You have a talent for finding....interesting individuals. Keep it up and we’ll have this Hotel become one...
  16. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    Alastor looked up to and his eternal smile widened. “Why, good to see you, Charlie! I was just talking to your new employee and I must say, you do have an eye for talented individuals!” He said with a hearty laugh, static laughter coming from who knows where. Charlie rubbed her arm. “Yeah....hey...
  17. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    Alastor looked at him closely, before backing up again. He knew that Max was new, so maybe he should cut him some slack for not knowing who he was. “Well, dear friend, allow me to enlighten you.” He said grandly, grabbing Max’s shoulders and leading him around the lobby. He certainly loved...
  18. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    The demon in front of him forcefully grabbed and shook his hand. “Alastor’s the name, what a pleasure to meet a fellow co-worker!” He said loudly. He snapped his fingers and the shadow returned to his side, giving Max a wide glowing smile before disappearing into the floor behind Alastor. “I...
  19. CometBlaster

    Fandom Of Hotels and Hells

    As Charlie went up the stairs look every which way for her extremely dangerous business partner, aloud static noise filled the space around Max. It louder and louder, until suddenly it stopped. “My, my what do we have here?” A cheery, old timey voice called from behind him. Shadowed hands...