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  1. Ren126

    Multiple Settings  Villain X Hero

    Hey guys! So I created this character for a Hero x Villain Rp (can be either romantic or platonic) and was wondering if anyone was interested in writing with me? I have an idea that could be considered a plot in the making, but it’s so bare boned right now I don’t see a point posting it here...
  2. Ren126

    Fantasy  The Book 1x1 Search

    The Book was created in an age long past by a gifted court wizard. It’s function was simple, in Caswen’s time of need it would seek out a hero best suited to handle the land’s crisis. However, over the decades it became apparent that the spells used to enchant the Book, where flawed. Instead of...
  3. Ren126

    Multiple Settings  ...

  4. Ren126