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  1. Suitcliff Ohara

    Fandom  This is without a doubt a shot in the Dark BUT; Shadow and Bone Anyone? Looking for Kirigan Alecsander -willing to double-

    This is probably a MAJOR shot in the dark but Im throwing it out there; Ive seen the first like 6 episodes and even though he is techincally a villain...I'm kind of in love with Kirigan and have some fun AU ideas and such...So if anyones itnerested please message me!
  2. Suitcliff Ohara

    Fandom  Looking for something specific at the moment; Any fellow fans of the Mobile game Lovelink?

    I'm gonna keep this pretty simple; I'm looking for fellow fans of this amazing game; namely ones that could play Julien for me. I am willing to try just about any of the other characters; I have ideas for this and I am sure we can work something out- Please PM me~
  3. Suitcliff Ohara

    It won't let me pm you but I'd love to discuss a possible rp

    It won't let me pm you but I'd love to discuss a possible rp
  4. Suitcliff Ohara

    Fandom  Fandom, Fun and Fabulous ideas~ {Doubling friendly; Canon/OC}

    Hey there~ So I am on the hunt for some new partners; I'd love to find like minded; quirky and fun indiviutuals who have as much fun writing; bantering & even OOC chit chatting and joking as I do. I have a handful of OCs; Male and Female and I am open to any pairings/LGBQ etc for your end though...
  5. Suitcliff Ohara

    Fandom Canon x OC Fandoms AnyOne? (DOUBLING)

    Free Bump also sent you a PM <3
  6. Suitcliff Ohara

    Advice/Help  Not sure if this is 'advice' persay but a question for people like me who have had one character they know- created- loved for- what seems like always

    So I have had; for lack of better term my 'main' OC Luna, for years now. I've used her in- fandoms; original stuff- and even whatever comes inbetween and I have a long in depth storyline behind her; a 'canon' if you will. I have worked in ways she fits in said fandoms but that- well that's not...