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  1. JesseMarshall

    Futuristic  HyperLane - Main RP Page

    Page for the main RP. If you are interested in background, the 'other' link at the top of the page will take you to the interest check. A Lore page will be built once some plot has gone on. <3 Thank you!
  2. JesseMarshall

    Futuristic  HyperLane - OOC

    This is a general discussion OOC communication thread for the RP HyperLane! If you are looking for the Character Sheets, you can find them here. Main RP thread will be posted here soon! —Explore a new plane with HyperLane!
  3. JesseMarshall

    Futuristic  HyperLane - A sci-fi space adventure! [Currently Closed]

    HYPERLANE Attention! You are now entering a HyperLane checkpoint. Please have all documentation available for inspection. All pilots and helm officers must also be ready to present their HyperLane flight credentials during the boarding process. Please note, The Cat’s Eye galaxy is...
  4. JesseMarshall

    Futuristic  HyperLane - Character Sheets

    The Basics Character Name: Character Age: Gender: Sexual Orientation: Physical Description Hair Color: Hair Style: Eye Color: Height: Body Type: Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: Other Details (Optional): Personality Pros/Cons (Three Each): Main Personality Traits: Favorite...
  5. JesseMarshall

    Answered  Moderator Approval

    Hey, all! Quick question cause I'm super new here and all, but how long do I have to get my posts approved by a moderator? Like, my first post I totally get! Spam's a huge problem on forum sites, and I hate it too, but I figured they get the first one done, whitelist me, and let me go on my...