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  1. leonov

    on earth we're briefly gorgeous‎ ‎ -‎‎ ‎ f// horror

    hullo, hullo. if this thread is still open, i'm intrigued by this prompt and would love to collaborate with you to expand upon it for an rp. based upon your criteria i feel our expectations/preferred styles are compatible. i'm totally digging the idea of a supernatural wlw hannibal-esque story...
  2. leonov

    Multiple Settings Dark Themes | MxM | OCxOC | Multiple Plots

    sounds good! i'll send those your way in a few hours (caught up wif some school stuff atm but i should have time to fill out the forms this evening)
  3. leonov

    Multiple Settings Dark Themes | MxM | OCxOC | Multiple Plots

    hullo, hullo. i find plots 1, 2, and 5 to be intriguing, and would love to explore any of those with you. if you're interested, lmk which one of those (or a different one you like better; i'm flexible) you would most prefer & i'll dm you a character sheet with an oc made for the role. ^...^
  4. leonov

    Multiple Settings  partner search.

    this page is no more; it was no longer consistent with my interests/criteria so i hope to make a more accurate interest check within upcoming days.
  5. leonov

    Fandom  mob psycho 100 rp? (closed; i'm no longer interested)

    hey! i recently got into mob psycho 100 and, having binged the anime and completed the manga (as well as the spinoff), i was hoping to track down other fans to rp with and/or just discuss the story in general. i'm not particularly picky in terms of criteria-i think a miscellaneous storyline (we...
  6. leonov

    Fandom NBC Hannibal— reverse AU

  7. leonov

    Fandom NBC Hannibal— reverse AU

  8. leonov

    Realistic or Modern Friends to trying-to-kill-one-another ??

    bump. *hits you with the blunt side of an axe*
  9. leonov

    Realistic or Modern Friends to trying-to-kill-one-another ??

    (bump) ooh you want to respond to this thread or message me oooh you wanna rp this so bad
  10. leonov

    The Avatar Above You Went To Jail, Why?

    for being dark enough that i had to up my device brightness in order to view it properly.
  11. leonov

    Word Associations

  12. leonov

    Multiple Settings  (Searching for an RP partner)

    hello! my name is bradbury. i’m a fairly practiced roleplayer (i’ve been rping for roughly five years) searching for long-term roleplay partners. i am sixteen years of age, so if you are uncomfortable with rping with a minor, i suggest you look elsewhere. if you’re interested in rping with me...
  13. leonov

    Realistic or Modern  Friends to trying-to-kill-one-another ??

    I haven't a set plot in mind, so I'm glad to hear any additional ideas you may have. I'm sort of craving a dark comedy-ish (well, it doesn't have to be comedic) story oriented two friends whose relationship is damaged (to state it simply) when one discovers the other is a serial murderer...
  14. leonov

    Fandom  NBC Hannibal— reverse AU

    hello! i’m exhausted and unsure as to how well i’m about to articulate this, bear with me. simply stated, i’m interesting in roleplaying a story which somewhat follows the plot of nbc’s hannibal, the primary differentiating factor being that the roles of the protagonists are switched. ie...
  15. leonov

    Fandom Hannigram Roleplay AnyOne 1x1 (HANNIBAL)

    Hello! I’m interested. I finished the the final season about a week ago, alas I took a break from watching it several months back so I don’t remember the first season as clearly as I do the second two. At what point in the story were you hoping to delve into? (If necessary, I can revisit the...
  16. leonov

    Fandom  —Hannibal RP

    Hey. I recently finished NBC’s Hannibal series and am looking to engage in a 1x1 roleplay centered around post-season 3 Hannibal Lecter & Will Graham, touching up on events immediately following the resolution of the finale (perhaps excluding the cliff scene for obvious reasons, haha). I’m...
  17. leonov

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    hello! my name is bradbury. i’ve joined this site in hopes of finding people to roleplay with! i’m sixteen years of age & i’ve been roleplaying for roughly 5-6 years. i’m into retro science fiction, horror films, ornithology, anthropology, werewolves and foreign languages (hmu if you speak...