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  1. Jel.XP

    Multiple Settings  Looking for people for Fun and Casual Roleplays. Anyone can Join!!!! Please :)

    Hello. I'm just looking to casually roleplay on here I'm not partial. I don't really have any topics in particular that I am completely set on doing but I do have some ideas but they are not set in stone. I can really only play Females characters I haven't tried to play a male but I'm willing...
  2. Jel.XP

    Multiple Settings  Looking for long term Partner

    I'm still relatively new to this website but I have been apart of roleplays before on other platforms. I tend to be very active I can post every day but I don't expect you to. I understand if you are busy or are just going through a bit of a writers block. I only do MxF and I'm used o playing...
  3. Jel.XP


    Hello. I'm new to this site and have yet to full be apart of a roleplay. So if anyone has any please send them my way. I have lots of good character ideas and a very active imagination. Thanks
  4. Jel.XP

    Fandom  Next Gen. Power Rangers [ Rp Idea]

    Hey, I'm new so this may not have been done correctly. Is anyone interested in an RP where we would essentially be playing as the children of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? If interested please tell me, we could work on the plotting and planning (did I used those right?) of the Rp...
  5. Jel.XP

    Advice/Help  A newbs cry for tips

    Hi. I’m new to this website but I’m not so new to Roleplaying. I used to Roleplay on the website but it was one of those children’s virtual world website. MSP in their forum section. So I’m not very used to how detail and advanced the roleplaying is on here. But I’m very excited and enthusiastic...