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  1. Squidiot

    Multiple Settings  Squidiot's 1x1 Search \\ Long term - Lit to Adv.lit - Fandom - OC Friendly \\ Craving Destiny, Mass Effect, Grishaverse

    Squidiot's 1x1 Search 1x1 - Multi paragraph - Lit to Adv.Lit - Longterm - Story & Character Driven - OC Friendly - Canon Character Request Available Introduction. Hello, hello! I'm Squidiot and as you've probably noticed I'm on the hunt for a few one on one partners! Writing is a...
  2. Squidiot

    Fandom  Closed

    Closed, thank you!
  3. Squidiot

    Chitchat Has anyone ever had a blatant feeling of Deja vu?

    Absolutely! I don't have any set pattern to how often I get Deja Vu or anything but it's certainly come up more than once. The strange thing for me is it's always just mundane or seemingly pointless things. For example, just the other day I was mid-conversation with a co-worker and in a flash...
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    Last Letter

  5. Squidiot

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but the rest of your team is still bad and they blame you for the loss. I wish I could fix my sleep schedule.
  6. Squidiot

    Digital RP Log - Perspective is nonexistent, anatomy is myth

    Your food drawings are so charming. I feel like they would make really cute stickers or maybe feature well in a stationery set?
  7. Squidiot

    Digital Just Posting

    Oh my gosh, these are beautiful. I love how ethereal your figures and style are. And that lighting! It's so vibrant and full of life, I can feel the power and presence of these characters despite knowing nothing about them. I absolutely adore the cave wall painting too. You nailed the rocky texture.
  8. Squidiot

    Word Associations

  9. Squidiot

    Chitchat Home Cooking ideas

    You'll probably nail it and have something far better than my laziness awards me. Hope you enjoy and good luck!
  10. Squidiot

    Chitchat Home Cooking ideas

    Admittedly it's more of a cake than bread but I've always heard it called it pumpkin bread anyway, haha. Anyway: 1 box spice cake mix - I'm sure you can make this from scratch & it's likely even better but I'm lazy and never do. 14 ounce can of Pumpkin Puree 1-2 cups of chocolate chips...
  11. Squidiot

    Chitchat Home Cooking ideas

    Would you say you're looking for meal ideas or snacks? I know you mentioned having some spare chocolate chips. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread is a favorite treat of mine around this time of year.
  12. Squidiot

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but the cake tastes terrible despite being your favorite flavor because the baker accidentally used salt instead of sugar. I wish none of us had to take on jobs/work that we hate.
  13. Squidiot

    Badly Describe a Game Here

    Magic golf ball creates super-powered zombies and gives them a penchant for guns & destruction to spite an old foe. - Destiny
  14. Squidiot

    If you were in a video game, what would the character above you drop when they die?

    Enchanted Pelt A firey orange pelt imbued with a brawler's spirit. +40 Attack 10% Fire Resistance
  15. Squidiot

    help me find a word

    Stairwell? Staircase wall? Partition?
  16. Squidiot

    Fandom {Closed}

    I'm only just now getting home from work. ;; catching up
  17. Squidiot

    Fandom {Closed}

    Lunch Break Bump I will be responding properly to messages when I am home from work later tonight!
  18. Squidiot

    Fandom  {Closed}

    {Closed} -<3