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  1. Steely

    Multiple Settings  Steely's Partner Search!

    Steely's Partner Search (Periodically Updated!) Hello everyone! Welcome to my new and updated partner search thread. Here you'll find not only information about me as a roleplayer, but also a number of ideas, plots, genres and fandoms for you to choose from! This thread will be more or less...
  2. Steely

    Multiple Settings  Seeking Partners! Updated! (Always Looking/Ignore Post Count)

    Hello, everyone! After a long absence from the site, I've finally decided to come back and exercise my love for writing once again. So, I'm writing a thread to recruit potential partners to engage in a multitude of roleplays; here, I'll write about my interests and ideas, as well as list...
  3. Steely

    On The Search for Partners

    Hello! Once again, I'm on the search for new partners, seeing that life stuff tore me away from RPN for quite a few months now. Anyways, I'm back (With some stability, granted that nothing comes and messes my availability anytime soon.), and ready to get some roleplays started. I'm not exactly...
  4. Steely

    Looking for Partners!

    Hello! I'm back on the interest check threads due to the fact that most of my RPs either were finished or died with time, so yeah, I'm pretty much looking for a partner to RP with. While I'm not exactly picky, I have a few things to list out: -I prefer detailed RPs, yet I won't refuse to have...
  5. Steely

    Looking For A Partner

    Hello! I'm kinda new to this site (Not even 24 hours old), and so far, I didn't manage to get into any RP. I'll leave some pairing suggestions down here and see if any of you guys get interested. Be aware that I lean more towards M/F pairings. Before that, though, lemme say that I prefer...
  6. Steely

    Hello, Everyone!

    Hi! I'm SteelyThePally, but you can call me Steel. I'm from Brazil, and I've joined this site aiming to make good friends and possibly take part in great roleplays! Okay, so I'm supposed to give some information about myself. Well, I like descriptive roleplays with long paragraphs, but that...