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  1. saddemon

    Advice/Help How do I improve my writing?

    There's a famous article by Chuck Palahniuk which teaches you how to be a better writer, and it's great. Just search: 'in six seconds you'll hate me but in six months you will be a better writer', or just click the link down below...
  2. saddemon

    Experiences The shortest response I've seen?

    One time, I kid you not, I wrote about a paragraph and a half and got back literally this: "..." Deleted them without saying anything.
  3. saddemon

    Other Idea Creates You a (super?)Power (Quizz)

    1) What is justice to you? Something only fools believe in. We are not omnipotent Gods, and for example, one may think they are doing justice if they take a murderer to jail, but they don't know that said person did it to kill his daughter's rapist. Justice is very subjective, and the people...
  4. saddemon

    Roleplay Pet Peeves

    Extremely bad grammar, as in using your and you're incorrectly, their, they're, there, lack of apostrophes... Godmodding, making their character practically immortal. Controlling my character. I don't mind if they control my char a bit just to get the action going, for example, if both our...
  5. saddemon

    Other Have There Been Any Completed Roleplays?

    I have been roleplaying for two years now and I have only finished one rp xD.
  6. saddemon

    Anime & Manga Subbed or Dubbed Anime

    I generally prefer dub, because that way I don't have to avert my eyesight from the action to read the words, besides, while you are reading the subtitles you sometimes miss things like the tone in which it is being said. It's generally more comfortable to me, though that's just my opinion.
  7. saddemon

    Anime & Manga Best Anime of 2016-2017

    Bungou Stray Dogs was an excellent anime from 2016.
  8. saddemon

    Anime & Manga Anime Recommendations?

    Assassination Classroom: very funny, deep characters you will love, some sad moments, some scenes filled with action, the plot and storyline are very entertaining and it's overall a great anime to watch. It's basically about how a middle school class tries to kill their alien teacher, though...
  9. saddemon

    Anime & Manga What's a good first anime?

    I would go with Death Note, as it doesn't have gore, ecchi or some other stuff that might scare people away, and the plot is really good.
  10. saddemon

    Anime & Manga Who (in your opinion) is the most badass anime character of all?

    Guts, Karma Akabane and Sebastian Michaelis seem like very badass characters
  11. saddemon

    Anime & Manga Who's Your Anime/Manga Crush?

    Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club, she is incredible!