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  1. Emerald

    Realistic or Modern  In Evermore

    Eden can only stare out of the window as his father drives both he and his mother into the small town that was his father's childhood hometown. Evermore. Eden remembers it, and it has hardly changed. The same charmed little buildings, the same tree-lined streets, the same flowering gardens. Eden...
  2. Emerald

    Fantasy  The Tale of Two

    "We should be getting pretty close to the bandit camp." Frederick spoke to his friend, Krauss, as they both cantered toward their destination atop their steeds, "Hope what the village elder told us was the truth. Remember that job back in Bessin? I'm still aching from that onix's rock throw."...
  3. Emerald

    Fandom  Pokemon - Femino City

    The open road, the rumble of the engine, and the whip of the air as he thunders across the countryside. The life of a trainer is one of freedom, able to go and see and do whatever one pleases, held down by no one and nothing. Not everyone can live such a life, having no home and no place in the...
  4. Emerald

    Fantasy  A Mage's Pet

    It has taken weeks to reach this place. High above the world, a young battlemage makes the final climb to the mountain summet, all around him bleached white with thick snow, the biting held at bay by an aura of fire, determination alight in his bright green eyes as he stares up at the peak...
  5. Emerald

    Fandom  Last of the Enclave

    This return to DC has been an unprecedented disaster. First the Reclamation Squad found Raven Rock in ruins, then they saw an orbital strike fall from the skies and they knew Adam's Airforce Base was still operational, only to get there just in time to see the Enclave's own superweapon used to...
  6. Emerald

    Futuristic  The Last of the Enclave

    Four left. Out of a squad of twenty soldiers, only four had managed to survive the ambush at the ruins of Raven Rock and then the battles through DC, only to make it to Adams Airforce Base just in time to see the mobile crawler be completely destroyed by orbital bombardment. Even the outposts...
  7. Emerald

    Futuristic  The Last of the Enclave - CS

    Reclamation Squad 1st Lt. Jonathan West ~ 32 ~ Commanding Officer & Tech Expert The highest ranking member of the Squad and it's commanding officer, Jonathan West takes his responsibilities as the Squad leader very seriously, often appearing cold and distant, humourless and stoic. Despite what...
  8. Emerald

    Futuristic  The Last of the Enclave ~ Fallout Roleplay

    In this roleplay, we will be playing as surviving members of the Capital Wasteland branch of the Enclave, who fled the destruction of the crawler at Adam's Airforce Base and were forced south to escape the Brotherhood of Steel, crossing the Potomac River via Memorial Bridge near Newburg. Now...
  9. Emerald

    Answered  About the Workshop

    Is it possible to pin a thread in our private workshop, so that said thread is always at the top of the list?
  10. Emerald

    Fantasy  Game of Thrones ~ Strings of Fate

    The dawn of a new day had finally come, and the castle became a hive of activity once again. Word from King's Landing of the appointment of the new Hand, Eddard Stark, did not come as much of a surprise to the Harpers. The King's close relationship to the Starks was well known, especially to...
  11. Emerald

    Fantasy  Game of Thrones: Strings of Fate (OOC)

    This is the roleplay Out of Character thread. Feel free to talk or ask questions as you like. ^_^ Also, if people would rather use discord, just let me know and I'll create a server for us.
  12. Emerald

    Fantasy  Game of Thrones: Strings of Fate (CS)

    This is the Character Sheet thread for our roleplay. Please post your character sheets in here, for those interested in joining us. Just one thing before you begin posting. There are three positions in the Harper family which are already spoke for: - Lord Harper, Seventh Lord of the Harp -...
  13. Emerald

    Fantasy  Game of Thrones: Strings of Fate (Lore)

    House Harper Head of the House: Lord Harper, Seventh Lord of the Harp Capital: Harper's Gate Words: Instruments of Valor Sigil: The Golden Harp Liege: House Tully Enemies: House Frey Military: 3000 Levies, 500 Watchmen of the Harp Banner: Current Territories: Harper's Gate - This walled...
  14. Emerald

    Fantasy  Game of Thrones: Strings of Fate (Interest Check)

    Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. I have happy to announce the interest check for Game of Thrones: Strings of Fate, a revival of an older roleplay that was one of my personal favourites, while changing a few things to add and refine what came before in the old version. This roleplay is based in the...