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  1. GeorgeTownRaja

    Story  Legion (軍團)

    Introduction Hi! You might recognize me from some of the least popular RPs. What on earth am I doing in the writing section? Well, I have some good news for you all! My goal here is to write a story that might or might not be popular in the long-run. Why? There are some writing websites that...
  2. GeorgeTownRaja

    Colosseum  Counterfeit Car Companies

    Imai Motors Imai Motors is an automobile company based in Kyoto, Japan, which is the counterfeit version of Volkswagen, an automobile company based exclusively in Germany. The company is infamous for producing vehicles that resemble that of Volkswagen such as the Volkswagen Beetle and many...
  3. GeorgeTownRaja

    Colosseum  Hashiriya Battle CS

    Model: Year: Manufacturer: Default Horsepower: I.D. Code: Engine: Transmission: Layout: Appearance: (written or picture if preferable) Mini Driver Biography: (optional)
  4. GeorgeTownRaja

    Colosseum  Hashiriya Battle (Interest Check)

    Enjoy the Process Hashiriya Battle 走り屋 Do you dream of winning a race one day and take the helm as the greatest street racer who has ever lived? Do you want to be respected by someone else and expand your influence to become the greatest? Do you just want to have fun and not to worry about...
  5. GeorgeTownRaja

    Nation Building  Dawn of the Millennium

    Dawn of the Millennium 2001 (By the way, ignore the year on the top-left corner of the map. lol) Synopsis 2001, the beginning of the 3rd millennium as people across the globe are celebrating for many years to come. Countries are yet to struggle with political instability, and they are looking...
  6. GeorgeTownRaja

    Advice/Help  Have you ever done a map game before?

    Have you ever done a map game before on RPNation? I know there are some on Sufficient Velocity and but I'm not sure about it being on this site. I'm not sure if it is considered spamming for some. Do you know someone who does? In case you have no idea what a map game is...
  7. GeorgeTownRaja

    Fandom  MultiverseUnknown's Battlegrounds Interest Check

    MultiverseUnknown's Battlegrounds Premise A group of people from different universes and personalities were brought to an isolated island by a mysterious organization called "MV". They were told only 1 people can leave this island alive. Some of them were kidnapped by MV, some of them were...
  8. GeorgeTownRaja

    Fandom  The Great Departure (Naruto RP)

    Akira Tamon is a shinobi who fought in the First Shinobi World War who hails from Yukigakure and a Jounin. His personality is that he enjoys killing even though that in his heart that he doesn't like it and he is calm most of the time. He is also a bounty hunter who is looking for a woman who is...
  9. GeorgeTownRaja

    Fandom  The King of Fighters: Rebirth Character Sheet

    Full name: Biography: Appearance: Birthdate: Birthplace: Blood type: Occupation: Likes: Dislikes: Hobbies: Special skill: Fighting style:
  10. GeorgeTownRaja

    Fandom  Rebirth (The King of Fighters RP)

    "The year, 1994. Once again the invitations to the King of Fighters find their ways to the world's most wicked warriors. But the patron of this little party remains unknown. It cannot be Geese, nor can it be Krauser. So who could they be from...? Among all the hopes and doubts, the legendary...