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  1. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Realistic or Modern  Ground Zero: Florida (Character Sheets)

    This is where all the character sheets for my group RP, Ground Zero: Florida will go. Whip up a character sheet using the template provided below and post it in here. Name: Age: Gender: National Guard Rank: Appearance: Personality Weapon of Choice:
  2. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Realistic or Modern  Ground Zero: Florida (OOC)

    This is the OOC thread for my group roleplay, Ground Zero: Florida. Any OOC chat for the RP will go in here.
  3. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Multiple Settings  Ground Zero: Florida

    So I had this idea for a group RP with a plot based on the Sega CD game Ground Zero: Texas. I'll explain the plot of the RP down here. The amount of character slots is limited, so be sure to sign up for the RP as quickly as you can. Once all the character slots are filled, you've missed your...
  4. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Multiple Settings  Alex's Roleplay Station Against COVID

    Hey, hey, everyone. It's AlexneushoornTheGreat once again, back at you with another RP Interest Check thread! As you all know, COVID-19 is still raging across the world as well as various other crap that's making the world a bad place right now, so I decided to launch another RP thread to get...
  5. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Guess the movie quote!

    In this thread, a user will post a movie quote, and the other user will have to guess what movie the quote originates from. Once the quote has been successfully guessed, another user may post a movie quote for other people to guess. I'll start. What movie is this quote from? "Prepare to meet...
  6. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Experiences  No one wants to RP with me...

    Ever since joining this site, I haven't done much roleplaying. Every time I try to start a roleplay or once I've started a roleplay, the other person ends up ghosting me and never responds back. Other times when I try to start a roleplay, no one shows any interest in my roleplay pitches. I only...
  7. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Fandom  Animal Crossing: Life As An Animal: Sign-up Sheet

    Down here you'll find the sign-up sheet for my RP Animal Crossing: Life As An Animal. Fill in the fields and then submit them down here. :D Name: Gender: Species: Personality (Lazy, Jock, Cranky, Smug, Normal, Peppy, Snooty, Sisterly): Appearance: Clothes:
  8. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Fandom  Animal Crossing: Life As An Animal

    So I want to do an Animal Crossing RP where there are no humans around, just animals. You get to play as your own Animal Crossing OC, which can be any animal species that is used for villagers. Sign-up sheet can be found down here. Also, you can submit as many OCs as you want. The more...
  9. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Video Games  Your Favorite Animal Crossing Villager?

    Mine is Tank, because the rhino is my favorite animal, and because he's got that enthusiasm to him that makes him generally likeable. He's been living in my New Leaf town since I first started the game back in 2014, and he's been a great pal ever since.
  10. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Music  If you owned a radio station, what music would you play on it?

    My radio station would be a radio station that played music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and it'd be called "Golden Oldies FM".
  11. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Fantasy  Walt Thompson and the Quest for the Seven Wonder Algae (1x1 Mermaid RP)

    Story Walt Thompson has always had a rough life: His parents went through a messy divorce, he's constantly frowned upon by his older brothers for believing in mermaids, and he's also a 15 year old teen dealing with his sophomore year of high school where he's similarly frowned upon by his...
  12. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    User Total Drama Island (Sign-ups open!)

    I have seen people do this before on another forum I was a member of, so I decided to give a go at this too. Anyone who's seen Total Drama knows how the rules work, but for those who know the show but forgot the rules or people who don't know the show but wish to join, I'll explain the rules. A...
  13. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Multiple Settings  Friends In The East And West

    So, this is an idea that recently popped into my head, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trying this out with me. Story In the year 1982, two best friends, Pascal Ochanowski, who lives in West-Berlin and Heinrich Schulze, who lives in East-Berlin are troubled by their city...
  14. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Other  RP Ghosting Rant

    You Know What's Bullshit?! RP Ghosting. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. You'll be trying to plan an RP with someone or you've already started one with someone, and all of a sudden, the other guy goes limp and never contacts you back. Mostly it's because they either get busy, they're not...
  15. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    The Shopping List Game

    The rules are very simple. With each post, one thing gets added to the shopping list. The goal is to make the shopping list as long as possible. I'll start. Lasagna
  16. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Fandom  Third Attempt At Finding Partners

    Greetings, fellow roleplayers. My name is Alexneushoorn the Great, and this is my third attempt at finding RP partners. Before I can start an RP with you, I'm gonna need to know a few things about you: 1. Are you gonna be busy in the coming time? I know life can get in the way of a roleplay, but...
  17. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Other  I just need to get this off my chest...

    So here's a little rant of mine, don't mind me... So, I really like to roleplay, and when I was little, I used to roleplay all the time. It was great, because it kept me occupied a lot. But over the years, my roleplay activity has declined because of my roleplaying partners being too busy with...
  18. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Realistic or Modern  Planet of The Living Dead

    This is post-apocalyptic zombie 1 x 1 roleplay, and therefore no one but the users who discussed the RP can participate in it. @Willow Tree For when you get online.
  19. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Fandom  Sonic the Hedgehog: Friends Become Foes

    This is a roleplay between users AlexneushoornTheGreat and Redfork2000. No one else can join this roleplay, as it is a 1 x 1 roleplay. @Redfork2000 Here's the thread. Let's begin as soon as we can.
  20. AlexneushoornTheGreat

    Other  Random question of the day

    Notice for New Members: If you're gonna answer a previously asked question, please quote the question in particular so we can avoid confusion on which question you're answering. Notice for everyone, New Members included: Please keep debates and SilvaGunner esque nonsense conversations out of...