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  1. Ghan

    Bug i keep getting logged out?

    I shut down the server briefly about 40 minutes ago to increase the disk size, so that may explain the outage, but not the logged out issue. Can you try logging in on a different browser or in private browsing mode to see if it is an issue with your cookies and cache?
  2. Ghan

    Video Games Modded Minecrcaft Server? Help!

    There are lots of hosting services out there that can do this for you. One thing you might want to determine first is what kind of modded server you are looking for. There are lots of modpacks out there, and it's also possible to create your own with specific mods that you want.
  3. Ghan

    Tech NVIDIA RTX 3000 Series GPUs Revealed

    I suspect the availability on launch will not be great. Hopefully NVIDIA has anticipated that and stocked up, but that's never happened with high profile releases like this - the question is usually just how long it will be until supply catches up.
  4. Ghan

    Tech  NVIDIA RTX 3000 Series GPUs Revealed

    Full coverage: NVIDIA Announces the GeForce RTX 30 Series: Ampere For Gaming, Starting With RTX 3080 & RTX 3090 It seems NVIDIA is looking to really make a strong statement in the GPU market with the latest line of cards. The claim is that what used to cost $1000-1200 in the RTX 2080 Ti can now...
  5. Ghan

    Other LOTR/Hobbit Fans around here?

    It's older now and there hasn't been any new content for some time. The Hobbit films didn't seem to have as much impact so it's likely just time causing people to lose interest.
  6. Ghan

    Video Games Modded Minecraft Server

    There's no religion involved.
  7. Ghan

    Other LOTR/Hobbit Fans around here?

    An unexpected source of Tolkien discussion is actually YouTube comments. If you can sift through some of the memeing, you can find people who have read lots of the lore discussing background of some of the scenes. Here's an example:
  8. Ghan

    Video Games Modded Minecraft Server

    4 GB is the minimum recommended.
  9. Ghan

    Video Games Modded Minecraft Server

    I decided to progress up through Astral Sorcery early. It has some interesting abilities, including the perk tree which seems like it was modeled after Path of Exile.
  10. Ghan

    Video Games  Modded Minecraft Server

    Hi all, I'm starting up a new Minecraft world if anyone is interested in joining. It is a server based on FTB Revelation with a few added mods of my own. ( The assembled package is here and you should be able to launch it with...
  11. Ghan

    Help Search not working

    This should be fixed now. The search system used too much memory and crashed, so I've adjusted the settings.
  12. Ghan

    Tech Anyone build their own PC's and wanna talk tech and specs?

    Did you consider just using the 9100 non-F since it has an iGPU?
  13. Ghan

    Tech Anyone build their own PC's and wanna talk tech and specs?

    I'm also running a Ryzen 9 3900X right now. It's great to see AMD's return to being a competitive option in the CPU market these days. RTX 2080 Ti, 32 GB RAM, 750W PSU, and 4k monitor round out the other major components of my current build. The computer component market is seeing some...
  14. Ghan

    Help Javascript Wizards, Where are you?

    It's only been a few days at this point. Really it's more trying to decipher existing code and how best to modify it.
  15. Ghan

    Other LOTR/Hobbit Fans around here?

    I'm not the biggest fan in the world, but I do like me some Tolkien.
  16. Ghan

    News & Updates Christmas Reading 2019 by Ghan

  17. Ghan

    Excellent question! For RpNation, I've been the local sysadmin for some years, but this is a...

    Excellent question! For RpNation, I've been the local sysadmin for some years, but this is a volunteer job that I do for fun. However, I do work in the industry. I have a degree in CS and I work as a Systems Engineer in IT. My current responsibilities don't intersect much with what RpNation has...
  18. Ghan

    FAQ Was this supposed to happen?!?

    We just thought you'd like more of RpNation. More is better, right?
  19. Ghan

    News & Updates New Server 11/2019

    I feel like the site loads faster now, but I could be imagining things.
  20. Ghan

    News & Updates  New Server 11/2019

    We moved servers again yesterday. Same provider, just a better deal. AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM 2 x 1.2 TB Intel NVMe SSDs 1 Gbps port, 30 TB Outbound Bandwidth cap $118/mo (Old server was $170/mo) Celebrations, confetti, and excitement! Huzzah!