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  1. ZatoAsakura

    Fantasy  Kingdom hearts 💕

    looking for a little bit of kingdom hearts fun, anyone up for it?
  2. ZatoAsakura

    Fantasy  Star wars anyone?

    looking for a good star wars plot to do with anyone. We could be good evil, jedi or sith. Either way I am okay with it. If your up for anything starwars just pm me and we can talk of a plot.
  3. ZatoAsakura

    Multiple Settings Looking for a Chessy Love story

    Same, I am a huge fan of will they or won't they. But I am also a big fan of the idea of two opposites coming together due to something and they both fall for each other or when the father hates the idea of them being together. Ugh, So many ideas lol.
  4. ZatoAsakura

    Multiple Settings Looking for a Chessy Love story

    Alrighty! Gonna be honest wasn't thinking I would get a reply that fast XD. So what would you have in mind? Any favorites you have that you love doing?
  5. ZatoAsakura

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a Chessy Love story

    Looking for OC's. I am fine with mixing others into this such as an anime world like Naruto. Or adding a school scene to this. Just looking for a cheesy romance story. MXF. If you would like to chat before starting, Please feel free to give out your ideas,
  6. ZatoAsakura

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Good evening everyone. My name is Zato I have been roleplaying for about 12 years now. I do one on ones and groups about the same amount. I have done many Roleplay plots over the years so I am okay to do anything. I love to play a lot of video games. Zelda Majoras mask is my all-time number one...