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  1. GraceOfOurLady

    Fandom  Avengers: Next Generation

    With the Mad Titan laid low by the mightiest heroes the Earth has to offer, it appears to many that the worst has been averted. Now, many want only to return to take a collective sigh of relief, rebuild normalcy, and return to a world that's at least somewhat ordinary. Unfortunately for the...
  2. GraceOfOurLady

    Fandom  Looking for an RP partner(s) for the grim, dark future

    Hello! My name is GraceOfOurLady (Or just Grace), and I am looking for partners for a one on one roleplay set in the dark future of Warhammer 40k. Some things about me, I can take a few of these at the moment, as I have very few ongoing roleplays. I can respond at least once a day, sometimes...
  3. GraceOfOurLady

    Fandom  Partner Search

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a partner who is interested in doing some sort of RP set in the greater multiverse of Magic the Gathering. Exactly what this can be is up to you. Whether you're looking for romance, adventure, or something in between, I'm happy to discuss it. Any characters are...
  4. GraceOfOurLady


    Hi guys, I'm not really sure what to write here since I don't think any idea is a bad idea and I like doing a lot of different things
  5. GraceOfOurLady

    Introducing Myself

    Hi, my name is GraveOfOurLady, or Grace for short, and I love RP. Never before, however, had I even known this site had existed (or I'd been on it immediately). Sadly, my experience begins and ends with table top, so I never had a ton experience in full on written RP, but I'm very interested in...