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  1. Imaginarium

    Other  Roleplay or writing?

    Does anyone else ever get stuck between the desire to roleplay or just write the entirety of the story by yourself? I frequently find myself stuck in such a place. And when it happens by brain just refuses to cooperate with either activity.
  2. Imaginarium

    Multiple Settings  Looking for one or two more stories to write.

    Hello. <Insert comment about search thread #98564124512 here> Anyway, now that we have the formalities done: I'm looking for one or two more stories to write and thus one or two people to write them with. What I expect from you: Be 18+ Have a decent mastery of the English language...
  3. Imaginarium

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a writing buddy

    Hello. Due to our global case of Covid-19, I am stuck at home due to prevention measures (mandatory homeworking). As such, I have a lot of free time to write again. I am looking for someone who wants to write at a relatively slow pace, like a post per day or so, since I have other activities...
  4. Imaginarium

    Fantasy  Dieselpunk with fantasy elements

    Hello. I'm just putting up a short and very vague idea, for which I'd like to find a writing partner. As the title reads: A Dieselpunk with fantasy elements. By this I mean the following: A dieselpunk styled world set in a fictional universe or in the European interbellum era (1918-1940)...
  5. Imaginarium

    Multiple Settings  Fantasy or Science fiction? Why not both?

    Just a quick interest check to see if anyone would be interested in creating stories in a world where fantasy and scifi are blended together like PBnJ. I'd like to put forward that the idea of the setting should be to create a universe ( or multiverse) where the writer's imagination is the only...
  6. Imaginarium

    Fantasy  Floating islands and ancient worlds.

    So here's an interest check for two ideas for settings I've got right now. I'd like to find interested parties who want to make an RP out of one or both ideas. First off, some preferences: Be over 18 Don't take yourself too seriously. Understand life Be creative and contribute to the story If...
  7. Imaginarium

    Multiple Settings  I have some ideas

    Hey, So I've got some pretty vague and pretty much varied ideas floating about in my head. Some might be viable story material, none of them are anywhere near fleshed out enough. But that's not the point, even. I want to present these concepts and ideas in order to find someone who'd like...
  8. Imaginarium

    Video Games  The Secret of Mana

    So, this golden oldie was just released with some upgraded graphics. Who played the original on the SNES? Who will be playing it again, or for the first time? For those of you on the fence, it is a classic JRPG from the SNES era, much like the older final fantasy games and chrono trigger. If...