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  1. Attesa

    Fandom  Tear in the Multiverses (A Crossover Sandbox RP)

    This is the intro post to Tear in the Multiverses. If you have a character in any corresponding location as marked on your character sheet, your username will be tagged in that location. A brief intro is supplied for each location as well as the current time to give you the general setting...
  2. Attesa

    Fandom  Tear in the Multiverses: The Interest Check!

    What if, somewhere out there, the fictional characters we know and love were real? What if you ever wanted a story where your OC meets one of them? And what if one day, they all started showing up on Earth as physical beings you could see talking to your other favorite characters? Tear in the...
  3. Attesa

    Fandom  Tear in the Multiverses OOC

    Ah, the place for all out of character conversations! Wanna talk to others, ask me questions, etc.? Here's the place to be! Discuss!
  4. Attesa

    Fandom  Tear in the Multiverses (Crossover Sandbox SIGNUPS!)

    Join our Discord server! Five years ago, Earth was broken. Up until then, humans sprawled across the planet went about their days, whatever it was that they did. Their world was changing every day, whether they were aware of it or not, as all diverse societies must. Across all the seven...
  5. Attesa

    Fandom  Hunters of the Throne

    Please see our Discord server for OOC chat and further info. Link to the sign-ups. Prologue "Tough Welcoming Party" It happened fast. You were going about your day, doing whatever it was you were doing. What happened next was… odd. Perhaps something explainable by your universe’s standards...
  6. Attesa

    The Chronology Series | Hunters of the Throne

    Do you like fandoms of any kind? Do you enjoy playing OCs of all kinds of varieties? Do you enjoy long term, fast-paced RPs? Do you like overarching, epic plots? Then the Chronology Series is for you! The Chronology Series is an ongoing multifandom RP group. We focus on monthly/bi-monthly RPs...
  7. Attesa

    Fandom  Hunters of the Throne (Multi-Fandom Crossover RP) [OPEN]

    Please see our Discord server for OOC chat and further info. (This RP has already begun, but the signups will remain open!) So, you want to hear another story, eh? One about gigantic monsters that can eat continents whole? A legendary relic of power that could make any dream a reality? A...