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  1. Pokeking

    Fantasy Looking to do some dark RP

    I read your post and found it interesting. It's been a while since I've done a scifi based storyline. What caught my eye was the lab experimentation angle. I have a character, two more if I count others who I've not used in years, who owe their existence to genetic tinkering. The character I...
  2. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings RP anyone?

    I enjoy Fantasy storylines and I have a minotaur character that I would like to play as.
  3. Pokeking

    Realistic or Modern Cat's Meow (Slice of Life roleplay)

    I was browsing and I thought to take a gander. I actually have a male character that is an ailuranthrope, a werecat. His background is that he's a member of a distinct species of shapeshifter. His true form is similar to what you describe. His lower body is feline, but biped and digitigrade. His...
  4. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings [Edit - Closed for now!] Hi, I love RP and OC's!!! Super flexible settings/genres!

    I'm currently looking for someone to collaborate with on a medieval fantasy RP. I have a minotaur character that I'd like to role play as.
  5. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings Looking for RP friends!

    I'm currently looking for someone to collaborate with on a medieval fantasy RP. I have a minotaur character that I'd like to role play as.
  6. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings Getting back into the groove. 1x1 MxM Search

    The pairings caught my eye. I enjoy scifi/fantasy settings. A good portion of my OC roster consist of either shapeshifters or anthros and most are either canonically set for MxM pairings or can easily be adapted. I have one character who would fit the medieval fantasy setting. Other characters...
  7. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings Looking for Partners! (Creative Title, I Know)

    Greek Mythology? Except for my cousin, I've never really known anyone else who enjoys it. I liked both Hercules and Xena, the earlier seasons though. Anyhow, I wrote stories about centaurs. Not the crazed drunken type seen in stories though. I've moved on to minotaurs and I really enjoy...
  8. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings Roleplay Grab Bag | Any Pairing (M//, F//, ETC) | Open

    Just thought I'd toss my hat in just in case the paranormal investigator and creature storyline becomes available. I have a werewolf character that I used in a storyline that went on for about a couple years. He was recruited into an organization like Men in Black, but dealing with supernatural...
  9. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings Long Term RP Partner

    I'm not sure how long term I can do because it is storyline dependent, but I like fantasy also. I have a guy that can transform into a cat and back. Not really looking for romance for him just fun and adventure.
  10. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings In Need of an RP Partner (Hopefully for the long term)

    I liked the pairings under Other Ideas. I'm a guy and all the OC in my roster are male also. I'm open to MxM depending on the storyline, but not a must. I also enjoy collaborating on potential storylines. Where to begin? I'll start at the top and go from there. Supernatural Bounty...
  11. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings Looking for long term urban fantasy writing/roleplay partner.

    Hmm. Interesting. I do have a werewolf character. In the canon I have, werewolves are a separate but compatable species with humanity. His parents are fully human and are merely carriers of the lycanthrope gene. They have complete control over the shift with no pain involved. No moon influence...
  12. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings Looking for MxM or MxMxM roleplay

    I have a Japanese-American werewolf character who is probably my most developed character. He played American style football during high school. To those that don't know him, he seems like a stereotypical jock. He is not a jerk though who's arrogant. Hobbies include drawing, and cooking. He's...
  13. Pokeking

    Multiple Settings searching once again-

    Roommate? Sounds interesting. I have a werewolf character who is probably my most developed character. His hobbies include American style football, drawing, and cooking. He's the only one of his kind that he knows of. His parents are fully human because his ability skipped lots of generations...