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  1. PolikShadowbliss

    Realistic or Modern  So, anyone interested in the Age Up trope?

    You guys remember 13 going on 30 and Big? A young girl becomes an adult overnight? Well, ever since I saw I have been intrigued by that plot. The thing is, I have scouring the web for anyone interested in this trope. So I am looking for: someone who is willing to go through several Age...
  2. PolikShadowbliss

    Fandom  Jurrassic World

    The disaster was unprecedented, inconceivable, and utterly humiliating. Or so Joshua Stantus thought as he looked upon the monitors surveying the now defenseless park, dread filling his very soul. Sirens were blaring in every facility on the island! “Sir! We have to leave!” He didn’t hear...
  3. PolikShadowbliss

    Fandom  Jurassic World RP Interest check.

    After the worldwide sensation that was the creation of living, breathing dinosaurs, created by InGen and the genius John Hammond, it was unsurprising that other organisations aimed to follow suit, riding their coattails and creating their own reconstructed prehistoric beasts. One such company...
  4. PolikShadowbliss


    Hello everyone. I'm a veteran roleplayer and have been doing this for four years and counting. One of the RPs I have been in has just ended last year and since then I have been looking for a site where I could roleplay to my heart's content. This is, naturally, my first post here (they do...