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  1. Soapyface2

    Fantasy  Cult leader x Witch rp?

    So, I had an idea where there is this cult that worships people with magical powers. So, the leader recruits a new member. But the thing is that the new member is a witch, so once the leader finds out, they start to get lovey dovey, and start to worship them. So then the leader tells the rest of...
  2. Soapyface2

    Fandom  Yandere Danganronpa non despair au anyone?

    Hey, I’m willing to do this, and I’m willing to double. I’m fine with any sexual orientation, but I’m used to m// and f//.
  3. Soapyface2

    Fandom  OHSHC MxM rp?

    Heyo! I am interested in doing this! I want you guys to be a canon character and an oc, so that way I can be an oc and a canon character.
  4. Soapyface2

    Fandom  Bnha Rp with oc! MxM please! (Doubling very welcome)

    Hey. I’m looking for a Mha MxM rp with an oc! If anyone wants to, come pm me! I’ll tell you all about my oc in a bit. Ready? Oki. Here we go! Name: Akira Shigaraki Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Quirk: All For One Personality: He’s a cheerful boy, a goof, which is unusual, considering the...