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  1. Seven07

    Fandom On the search! ~ Mainly MxF (possibly doubling/tripling)

    @All: Aaah, since this is a lot to reply to individually, feel free to send me a pm with what pairings/what you're interested in and we can possibly discuss more! Also, the otome games I've played are: Hakuoki (I've only played the first game though and it's honestly been forever since then so...
  2. Seven07

    Fandom  On the search! ~ Mainly MxF (possibly doubling/tripling)

    Hello everyone, thanks for taking a look at this thread! This thread lists any and all types of pairings- MxM, MxF, and FxF. MxF is usually my preference but I'll do anything. c: This thread also lists both canonxcanon and canonxoc pairings! For canonxoc pairings, I'd be willing to double, as...