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  1. Aiety

    Realistic or Modern  Musical Interests

    'Sup. Aside from the other things I've been RPing, I've had a nice turn in my creativity and decided to try my luck at a more specific interest of mine. The music industry. The pairing can be talked about but I'm looking for something to do with singers, bands, idols, musicians, anything of the...
  2. Aiety

    Multiple Settings  ❀ Aiety's Search [ o p e n | 05/10 ]

    RULES & ABOUT ME | LAST UPDATED: 05/10 ↬ NOTE: If I had a role play with you before I went on hiatus, do PM me a bump if you're interested in continuing or picking up something new. ↬ Literacy. I write at least two good sized paragraphs. That's what I give out AND what I want in return. I can...
  3. Aiety

    Multiple Settings  Medieval Cravings

    I've been craving some medieval RP lately. I only have a few rules I want to be known but I am flexible with most things. - 2 Paragraph minimum. This doesn't mean I need a novel, but I would just like to have details to work off of. - Grammar is very important to me, as well as communication...
  4. Aiety

    Multiple Settings  Partner Searches

    My Post Rules: - At the very least, one paragraph. I learn more towards literate partners. (160 words on average) Without longer posts, disinterest will come to me much faster. I see your replies getting shorter and shorter, my replies will be slower, as my longer posters become more important...
  5. Aiety

    Multiple Settings  Just A Quick Search

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Hi! I Rp as female mainly, do side characters, 2-5 paragraphs, always romance, fairly active, do dark themes and am pretty open with all genres. soooo, hit me up if you're interested. I have discord too.
  6. Aiety

    Fantasy  Aiety's Fantasy Thread

    Hello~ My name is Aiety and this is my very specific fantasy RP search. Maybe you've seen my other search, in that case, cool. This one is dedicated to fantasy. My pairings include MxF and FxF. (MxM needs more convincing) I don't mind dark themes, swearing and no amount of violence and gore can...
  7. Aiety

    Realistic or Modern  Aiety's Realistic Thread (12/01/18)

    I'm Aiety. You may have seen my other threads. This one is specifically for realistic and modern plots. In case you are wondering, I do RP more than just this. These are just ideas. If you want to talk, PM me or ask for my discord. I RP mainly as a female. I can double as side characters or...
  8. Aiety

    Realistic or Modern  RP SEARCH

  9. Aiety

    Realistic or Modern  Partner Search

  10. Aiety

    Multiple Settings  Aiety's RP Partner(s) Search!

    Hello! I am Aiety, Anx for short if you will. I roleplay as female 90% of the time, taking on multiple side characters as well as ones that are part of the core plot. I do all kinds of pairings and themes. LGBT+ friendly. The most I'm interested in are modern, fantasy, futuristic and medieval. I...
  11. Aiety

    wahhh i need friends

    I go by the name of Aiety (I-eh-t) I'm a teen living in Canada with plenty of issues. I go on websites like this because no one can truly capture who I am as a person like weebs on the internet can. Message me about anything really. I'm an open-minded person. I do roleplay, mainly female...