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    Fandom  JJBA p3.5: seikatsu toshi

    A shrill cry erupted out of a darkened alleyway, the cry of a man in distress. Desperately he clawed to his feet and began running out of the alley, trying wholeheartedly to escape from it's shadows. But there was no escaping from that thing. It came through the barricaded door like it was...
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    Futuristic  Allpunk - Prima Terra

    Three years ago, existence as we knew it vanished and was replaced. Cities became amalgams of culture and architecture, and the world plunged into chaos as the line between fiction and non-fiction was obscured. Creatures of fantasy began roaming the world, seeking refuge in the new world they...
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    Fandom  JJBA: Seikatsu Toshi OOC

    Questions? Ask away.
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    Fandom  「STAND user PROFILE」

    STAND USER TEMPLATE: 「STAND MASTER」: 「STAND NAME」 : Power: Speed: Range: Potential: Precision: Durability: (optional) Stand Wheel 「STAND ability」 Short Biography: Physical Description: Current Inventory:
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    The year is 1998. The world as we know it is coming into a technological revolution, especially in comparison to the previous few decades. The internet is in it’s adolescence and websites are beginning to take a hold of the market in terms...
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    Futuristic  Allpunk OOC

    Questions? Ask them here \/ OR HERE \/ Discord Server
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    Futuristic  Allpunk Category Sheet (ACS)

    All living beings on Earth are issued categorization files upon arrival onto the surface, whether it be through immigration or birth. Such files categorize the subject's physical appearance, notable features, abilities and race, if any are applicable. NAME (please provide all surnames and...
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    Multiple Settings  Allpunk - The RP featuring all genres of Fantasy

    *(There’s a torn up piece of paper attached to a wooden post.)* It’s been three and a half years since the crossing collectively fused all realities into a single universe, setting chaos as the standard in our new, unfamiliar world. We’ve come to enjoy it as the completely insane new world it's...
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    Fantasy  The Will of the Great Ones

    Blood begets blood, a vicious cycle. We are made men by it, reborn by it's rapturous qualities, and undone by it's curse. Fear the old blood, indeed. The town of Yharnam seemed far removed from the natural cycle of things. Where hamlets and villages fell to their shortcomings, the city seemed to...
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    Fantasy  (IMPORTANT) Will of the Great Ones RULES

    To keep the roleplay running smoothly for all parties involved, I ask that you take the time to carefully consider the basic rules for keeping the game fun and accessible and avoiding total derailment of the campaign and other player's experience. For your consideration: 1. Keep track of your...
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    Advice/Help  How do I actually get an RP going?

    Almost all of my original work on this site barely gets past the set up phase, and even if I'm lucky enough to get three or four people to post character sheets, it'll surely fizzle out once I get tired of reminding people that they are supposed to post. After maybe my fifth attempt trying to...
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    Fantasy  Medical Document (Will of the Great Ones CS)

    Name : Identifier of the patient. Age: Estimated age of the patient Origin: Backstories are always different, and with so many to ponder we concur that you keep all origin stories brief and to the point. Conditions: Obvious handicaps of the patient, such as their lack of pace or a harsh...
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    Fantasy  Will of the Great Ones OOC

    Have any questions? Of course you do! Here's the discord, join and ask away. Or don't, I can't make you. discord
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    Fantasy  The Will of the Great Ones (CLOSED)

    You should not be here. Yharnam is a bad place to settle in to for the night, I'll have you know. We're not exactly friendly to outsiders, it's a surprise you've even made it in. What brings you to our horrid little hamlet, traveler? Oh. Oh no. Do not mistake my concern for malice, traveler...
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    Multiple Settings  The Arena

    Optional Soundtrack: Abyss Watchers Day after day it is the same in the Arena. First you wake, in the rotting and fetid cells. Prisoners here are given barely functional quarters, hardly even considered humane. Yet, the prisoners wake every day all the same. First comes the hunger pangs, like...
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    Fantasy  The Arena OOC

    Got a nagging question that won't let you finish your character? Curious about the world your characters will be staying in? Or do you just want an update on when the next post is? Find it all in the OOC.
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    Fantasy  The Arena: Participants

    Everyone who wound up in the arena has a story. What is yours? Reason for imprisonment: Name: Physical appearance: Life before The Arena: Everyone gets thrown into the Arena, even if you don't have a skill or proficiency with combat. So it would be wise to choose some way to defend yourself...
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    Multiple Settings  The Arena

    Prelude For the better part of civilization's history, combat has been adapted and refined to a sharp head. With so much combat taking place in the world, whether from petty brawls to all out war, it wasn't long before people became numbed to the visceral feeling of seeing death. As such, people...
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    Fantasy  Afterlife: Mortal ID

    Alright here's the deal. Since you're dead now, we have to categorize you as a Dead Mortal Being, or D.M.B. for short. That means we can get your undead license started. It's pretty much your ID card, so we can identify which of you sorry souls is going where. Please fill out the following...
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    Fantasy  After Life

    You've seen it before in your dreams, an archaic pathway leading off into a blazing sunset, running parallel to a glittering sea. The image stays in your mind for days and days, and as you move through your life it slowly becomes entwined with you. You draw comfort from the thought of taking a...