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  1. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Tales of Grozny: Prologue [OPEN]

    still accepting
  2. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy What Came Through the Rift Reboot

    Can I still join?
  3. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms [ Three Kingdoms Inspired ]

    Are you still accepting characters, I’ve been looking for a three kingdoms roleplay for a while now.
  4. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy ɪʏᴜʀᴏɴ, ᴏᴏᴄ ᴄʜᴀᴛ.

    Interested and planning to play a politician
  5. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Auverand - Medieval Fantasy Interest Check

    Interested also
  6. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Arcanis | Massive Fantasy World Interest Check

    Interested as well
  7. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Eximo At Your Service! [FIGHT AGAINST THE EVIL]

    sounds intriguing.
  8. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Ust Natha: City of Curtains [Underdark Action & Intrigue]

    If theres room id like to join
  9. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Small Gods [Slice-of-Life]

    Definitely interested
  10. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Azae - A World At War (Detailed) [Medieval Dark Fantasy] {Always Open}

    I took a bit of time off from Rpn due to university and I think a bit of fantasy is just what I need, if your still looking for participants that is
  11. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Nothing to see here (stillborn RP)

    @Croaker could you put another discord invt, I didn’t get the alert so when I saw this it seems the link expired. Sorry for the inconvenience
  12. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Nothing to see here (stillborn RP)

    Exactly XD
  13. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Nothing to see here (stillborn RP)

    Can the gm be player controlled or will it be npc
  14. Kenji Jensai

    Fantasy Nothing to see here (stillborn RP)

    @Croaker does the mercenary guild have something like an overseer or leader.