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  1. Esbilon

    Fianna[Party 1]

    Character Sheet Link: Fianna Preferred Game Speed: Low or High Activity - I can roll with either. Backstory: The Cloak Wood has an ill reputation among those who travel along road and sea, it is a province of bandits, monsters, and the fey. All of these things are true, but as with many...
  2. Esbilon

    [V20] Maiden, Mother, Crone

    This is a reboot of the Tale of the Crone, a Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition set in Cleveland, Ohio. For the events of the past few nights, see the following. July 31 (Night 1) August 1 (Night 2) August 2 (Night 3)
  3. Esbilon

    Dice  [V20] Maiden, Mother, Crone - Lore

    This is the new Lore and XP thread. The old thread is here. House Rules Max 3 dots of Generation. You cannot get more dots from Flaws than you spend on Merits. It is possible to stay awake during the day. This requires the expenditure of 2 points of Willpower, and until you have slept again...
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    Dice  [V20] Maiden, Mother, Crone - Characters

    This is the new Characters thread. The old Characters thread is here.
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    Dice  [V20] Maiden, Mother, Crone - Out of Character

    This is the new OOC thread! The old OOC thread is here.
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    The Just and Equitable Distribution of Living Space

    OOC: This is a little side-scene between Weiss and Khutulun that is unlikely to involve anyone else. @Psychie It is the evening following Ink's great speech to the people of the Mountain, and Khutulun has gone looking for the woman whose soul is tied to her own. Her arms and armor is nowhere...
  7. Esbilon

    Khutulun of the Dawn

    Name: Khutulun Caste: Dawn Anima: A golden stallion springing forth, unfettered and unstoppable. Concept: General and mystic Motivation: Appearance Background The first wild horses were born in the area between the Gray River and the Inland Sea, in what became the Beloved of Daana'd and...
  8. Esbilon


    Name: Nasoth Class: Royal Frilled Dragon Hatchling. Alignment: Unprincipled Experience: 21,800 (Level 5; 30,000, p 295) Age: 7 months Length: 24 feet [7.3 m](Average) Weight: 3.2 tons [2902 kg] (Thin) Appearance: -Attributes- IQ 28 [+14% to skills, +7 Perception] ME 23 [+4 vs psi, +6 vs ins]...
  9. Esbilon

    Doji Kiriko

    Name: Doji Kiriko School: Doji Courtier Insight: 1 [135] Honor: 6.5 Glory: 1.0 Status: 1.0 Experience: () Traits Awareness 4 Reflexes 2 Willpower 2 Stamina 2 Intelligence 2 Agility 2 Perception 2 Strength 2 Void 2 Skills *Calligraphy 2 (Int)...
  10. Esbilon

    V'Neef Suhiko

    Name: V'Neef Suhiko Caste: Dawn Anima: A magnificent dragon with scales of deep gold and great curving horns of white gold coils around her and lashes out at her enemies. Concept: Hunted, aspiring savior of the Realm Appearance Attributes Physical Strength ●●●●● Dexterity ●●●●● Stamina ●●...
  11. Esbilon

    Song of Spring, Chosen of Serenity

    Concept: Teacher Caste: Serenity She considers learning the greatest tool for bringing health and happiness to the people of Creation, and accomplishes this both by rather more personal involvement than is entirely appropriate for a Sidereal of her age, and by supporting institutions...
  12. Esbilon

    Vanished conversations

    My conversations (PMs) from before May 28 2014 seem to have mysteriously vanished. Was this part of a regular update I failed to pay sufficient attention to, or is there something more troubling going on?
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    No notifications on own edits of a bookmarked post

    Hey. I use Bookmarked posts to keep track of my character sheets (which is tremendously convenient! Thank you for that feature!), but I get a notification even when I edit it myself. Is there any way of turning that off? It always disappoints me since I think something interesting has...
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    [V20] The Tale of the Crone

    <p> This is a Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition game set in Cleveland, Ohio. <strong>House Rules</strong> Max 3 dots of Generation. You cannot get more dots from Flaws than you spend on Merits. It is possible to stay awake during the day. This requires the expenditure of 2...
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    [V20] The Tale of the Crone - Out of Character

    <p> Eat, drink and be merry! Though, for a vampire, those are kinda the same. </p>
  16. Esbilon

    [V20] The Tale of the Crone

    <p> </p> <div style="text-align:center;"><p><span style="font-family:'Book Antiqua';"><span style="font-size:36px;">The Tale of the Crone</span></span> </p></div> <p> And you will know these last times by the Time of Thin Blood, which will mark vampires that cannot Beget, you will know...
  17. Esbilon

    [V20] The Tale of the Crone

    <p> Here's a sheet template you can use or not as you'd like. Please don't make replies in this thread until everyone has posted a sheet or a placeholder so that all characters are on top of the thread. Chatter belongs in the OOC tab :) </p> <div class="ipsSpoiler" data-ipsspoiler="">...
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    [Worm/Scion] Owl

    Game This is a Scion game set in the city of Brockton Bay, Massachusetts, Earth Bet. It is a crossover with the excellent superhero story Worm and is not currently recruiting. House Rules 1) You get 3 favored Epic Abilities, and 3 Favored Purviews. Of these, 2 of each must be from your...
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    [Worm/Scion] Owl

    The story of a Scion of Athene teaching history at Winslow High.
  20. Esbilon

    [Worm/Scion] Owl

    @Esbilon, please edit this post to include the character/sign-up information.