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  1. Euaion

    Multiple Settings  desperate search #13

    My name is euaion and im slightly desperate to do some plots. . i dont have have a pereference for which gender i play, nor do i have a strict paragraph length. However i would like to keep one liners to a minimum. . i prefer people at least 18 or over cause its really awkward to talk to...
  2. Euaion

    Realistic or Modern  Meet my guardian... demon?

    Most people have a guardian angel in their life, but you... have a guardian demon. They seem to take care of problems better than the angels do. . this is low-key inspired by venom with the whole anti hero theme . modern Au with demons and angels, so technically fantasy . might be short cause...
  3. Euaion

    Fantasy  Wait, that was the wrong spell-

    It's very very late and i had this strange idea of a wizard in training accidently (or purposely) casting a teleport spell which takes them into a different realm and in someones house - and this someone happens to be a very powerful sorcerer in the middle of their dinner. . based off dnd...
  4. Euaion

    Multiple Settings  Seeking a friend for the end of the world

    Hello! I'm looking for a roleplay partner for - anything really. I am rusty and sick (and I frequent the hospital) so please bare with me ^^; I prefer fantasy settings and im more leaning to illustrated looks for an oc/oc pairing but i can do realistic. Im very open so anything so please feel...
  5. Euaion


    My name is euaion and im a semi veteran roleplayer - very very rusty, but still! I love various of fandoms but i lean more towards fantasy and magic. My favorite running troupe is witches and dungeons and dragons. I'm very into anime as well but i am limited as of late to watch any of the newer...