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  1. guardrick

    Fandom Rick and Morty RP | Para

    I'd love to! also, I'm a huge fan of stanchez, if you'd like to write that
  2. guardrick

    Hey Everyone!

    oh, wonderful! I'd love to!
  3. guardrick

    Fandom Rick and Morty RP | Para

    bumping again
  4. guardrick

    Other "I'm new to the site but I've been RPing for..."

    ahh, lots of people replied to this, but I honestly had no idea this site existed until yesterday. I used to RP with friends in steam chat, and would save all our writing in a google doc. now I primarily RP in a discord server, it’s got a super friendly format for writing that I adore
  5. guardrick

    Digital wow what a art

    I love the colors you use for your art, they’re so lively and vibrant!
  6. guardrick

    Digital My Sketches of Stuff

    loooove your art, I love how confident the lines of your sketches are!
  7. guardrick

    Digital Dapper's Dumb Doodles

    ahh, I’m so envious at your attention to armor detail! lovely stuff
  8. guardrick

    Traditional art dump :p

    adorable art style!
  9. guardrick

    going to sleep soon, can’t wait to settle in this community more tomorrow. cheers!

    going to sleep soon, can’t wait to settle in this community more tomorrow. cheers!
  10. guardrick

    Make an anime sound really bad in 1 sentence.

    Bald poor loser punches
  11. guardrick

    Fandom  Rick and Morty RP | Para

    noticed the rick and morty community is...perhaps non-existent here? am I wrong? hit me up if you watch the show and would like to RP. will write with any character, and I can write any (I also have OCs, like Guard Rick). would prefer if partners were at least 16. I'm a bit older and would...
  12. guardrick

    Hey Everyone!

    fair enough, I'll keep that in mind.
  13. commission_three ricks_final_small.png

    commission_three ricks_final_small.png

    a commission from a few months ago
  14. guardrick

    Hey Everyone!

    'sup, I've been roleplaying for about four years. joined this site looking for anyone who roleplays Rick and Morty and would be interested in group roleplay. but I'm also down to write various other things, such as: -Fallout -Team Fortress 2 -Gravity Falls -Fullmetal Alchemist prefer...