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  1. Katsuya

    Request  (Closed!)Give me a word and I will draw it!

    Any word, ladies and gents! ANY~! :bishiesparklesl:<3:bishiesparklesr: Why am I asking for a word? Well it's because I would like to draw said word...s. XD Depending on how many people reply here, I would like to choose up to three words by using a random number generator. If not that many...
  2. Katsuya


    Name: Onyx   Appearance whilst a dragon: For a dragon, she's fluffy with fur and feathers and actually has a lean body despite what one might think. Because of her graceful cat-like mannerisms, she's more for stealth, surprise attacks, and defense. She can somehow squeeze...
  3. Katsuya

    Keila Vanya

      Name: Keila Vanya Alias: Phantom Archer; Beansprout; Age: 21 Gender: Female Race: Light Elf Orientation: Hetrosexual   Personality: Keila is a quiet person. She's so quiet that she tends to scare people when she does say her opinions...
  4. Katsuya

    (WIP) Taylor Axel

    (Image) NAME Taylor Axel NICKNAMES  Tomboy, Loner, Mouse GENDER Female SEXUALITY Pansexual OTHER She's a doll admirer, but she's rather quiet about it. She will stutter whenever she talks to someone. To avoid it, Taylor would just nod her head and not say much.
  5. Katsuya

    Yuuri Vinter

    Name: Yuuri Vinter Title Playful Spirit Symbol Coven Rank Fledgling Primary Magic Scirocco Demon or Spirit contract Murmur   Gender Female Age 16 Eye Color...
  6. Katsuya

    Katsuya's character sheets

    Approved Hero Character!! Name: Mateo Leonardo Antonio Hernandez Mejia (Long Hispanic names are long!) Favorite quote: "Without the shadow, how do we know what light is?" Nickname: "Peony-head" "Flower child" "Teo" Age: 29 Sex: Male Orientation: Pansexual Appearance: He's...
  7. Katsuya

    Renee Ceresa

    Sorry about not putting my character up as quickly! Let me know if this is fine? @Silver Wolf Name: Renee Ceresa Picture or Written Description: She has wings attached to her head, bird-like skin on her arms, face, and legs. Her white hair is fluffy and short with a single long braid...
  8. Katsuya

    Cyprus Salem

    Name: Cyprus Salem Age: 14 Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Season: Autumn Powers: Change of temperature and Reaping(Harvesting) Roommate: Personality: Very curious and adventurous, Cyprus loves to explore new places and find new things; So expect her find...
  9. Katsuya

    Mateo Garcia

      Name: Mateo Garcia Age: 38 Gender:  Male Sexuality: Straight  Season: Spring Powers: Bloom and Rain Subject: History Roommate: Personality: He's silly and laid-back. Tends to make silly puns when he believes the situation calls for it. Though he can get...
  10. Katsuya

    New at roleplaying ^W^

    Hello! My pen name is Katsuya. It's nice to meet you! I'm rather new at roleplaying, but I've always wanted to try roleplaying since my high school freshmen years. I'm 23 years old and is a junior/senior art student in my university right now. I don't know my style of roleplaying is yet, but I...