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  1. LunaKItara

    Realistic or Modern  Looking for Avid RPer, who likes a lot of drama, slice of life, dark topics, etc.

    Hey, so I am currently looking to find a few partners to 1x1 with. I currently have none. I am looking for someone who can handle slice of life with a lot of dark themes revolving around trauma, psychological issues, abuse, etc, with romance in it. That's generally my play style, the current...
  2. LunaKItara

    Multiple Settings  Looking for engaging and committed RP partners who are just as obsessed as I am!

    Hello! I am currently, and usually always, looking for partners to fill my insatiable need to RP. It's my main venting source, and the thing I look forward to every day. A little about me, and what you can expect: Warning, I am a very fast typer, and generally just as fast of a thinker. If...
  3. LunaKItara


    Hello! I just joined today, and am looking for steady RP buddies, mostly to play with on Discord. A little about me: I work full time, but I do generally make time for RP just about every day. I've been RPing since I was about 9.. and I'm 31 now. I generally prefer modern day RPs, either...