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  1. Valerianah

    Other  I have no idea what I’m doing (Art Edition)

    Just a small thread where I’ll be posting art (mostly OCs) occasionally. This is just for fun’s sake :) .
  2. Valerianah

    Viewpoint  Why is everyone so terrified of the starter/first post?

    This is probably a very bad idea ... here goes nothing. Alright, the title may make me sound a little bit salty, but I’m honestly just curious about this. Why is everybody so scared of writing the starter/first post for the RP? Is this just my personal experience? Am I missing something here...
  3. Valerianah

    Experiences  People who reply after long periods of inactivity

    It's story time. I can't be the only one who experienced this. So you've been craving some kind of RP for a while now and you've finally found yourself one -or maybe several- partner(s). You start discuss possible plots together, make character bios, all that fun pre-RP stuff. Then, you start...
  4. Valerianah


    *rolls in* I'm Valy, but you can call me "Nightowl" if you'd like. I'm new to this site but I'm not new to RPing. I've been doing RPs for several years now, everything from one liners to 7+ good paragraphs. I'm also a huge otaku but that doesn't mean all my RPs are all anime based ... only like...