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  1. Phyre

    Path of Legends (Open)

    This is the forum for my Exalted 2nd edition chronicles
  2. Phyre

    Dice  Path of Legends (Information)

    This thread will be used to post information pertaining to the chronicle. Here you will. Get information on pertaining to setting house rules, and storytelling style.
  3. Phyre

    Dice  Path of Legends (Characters)

    This is the Character section highlighting information on characters for my Path of Legends story. Here you will find information on both PCs and NPCs
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    Dice  Path of Legends (DOOC)

    This thread is for out of character events for the chronicle.
  5. Phyre

    Looking for interest in an epic campaign

    Hi, Have you ever considered playing in a game where you don't tell everyone your stats? Where the richness of the story is the most important? How about a game that has substance beyond such things as random encounters, dungeon crawls, power gaming? A game played and ran by mature...
  6. Phyre

    The UnEarthing - Settings/Locations

    Settings/Locations for The UnEarthing Important Setting Information for the UnEarthing. This areas includes important areas and buildings of the chronicle. See Main Thread:
  7. Phyre

    The UnEarthing - Mechanics

    Mechanics for The UnEarthing This is the area that details how to Gaming Mechanics like Limit Breaks, Combat, Social Combat, Using Charms, Sorcery, etc. See Main Thread:
  8. Phyre

    The UnEarthing - Dice Log

    Dice Log for The UnEarthing All Dice Rolls results must be place in this section. Please do not add spoilers to your "In Character Comments." Also not that if a Die roll request is made by the ST it will be placed here. The goal is to keep the Story looking like a book and to keep the dice...
  9. Phyre

    The UnEarthing - Neutral Characters

    Neutral Characters for The UnEarthing This thread will contain character information of important NPCs. Character Spotlights will be the format used for all NPCs. If your character has any Allies, Contacts, Retainers, or other NPCs attached to them expect to find there information here as...
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    The UnEarthing - Settings/Locations

    Settings/Locations for The UnEarthing This thread contains information on important locations. As time goes on more locations will be added based on the actions of players. See Main Thread:
  11. Phyre

    The UnEarthing - Rules

    Rules for The UnEarthing This is the games "House Rules" and Character Creation requirement section. If you are interested in playing please read the House Rules Character Creation Limitations and Requirements. Each character created must be approved. All character points spent in creation...
  12. Phyre

    The UnEarthing

    This area is only for members to post things that deal with O.o .C. situations. Examples include: questions for clarification on any matter that deals with the game. letting members know you will be away for sometime and unable to comment or reply for an extend amount of time. RP...
  13. Phyre

    Fantasy  The UnEarthing

    This game is a RP designed for a maximum of 5 players besides the Storyteller. Players names are only added once characters have been completed and approved. If you are interested in playing please send me a message. If your name is not posted below you are not allowed to post or reply to...
  14. Phyre

    The UnEarthing

    You think you heard in a story or two, “that with great power comes responsibility.” But, in your case it is not like you were given a guide. Recently your entire life took an unexpected change. Previously you have gone about your life in this world like everyone else, regardless of your...
  15. Phyre

    The UnEarthing

    Players please do not post character sheets or any character stats in this area. This area is for character your character's history, and description (only describe things that are obvious about you) and an image. If you choose you can also include personality notes about your character that...
  16. Phyre

    The UnEarthing (Exalted 2ed)

    This thread is no longer being followed by me, as the interest check has become an actual game. I will not respond to any more messages on this thread.
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    The UnEarthing (Exalted 2ed)

    This area is now for the use of players of the UnEarthing game, that the ST will not look into. Its your area now so long as the site does not shut it down. I you want to talk game strategist and what not that you rather I did not see, here is a good place to dump it. For those who may be...
  18. Phyre

    My Introduction

    Hello everyone, I am glad to have found this site and hope it leads to many good gaming sessions. Born and raised in southern California I now live in Arizona. I have been playing Tabletop RPGs for a long time. I have even ran a few games online in my life as well. Typically I have...