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  1. Sweets-and-horror

    Fandom So I made a My Hero Academia OC

    Welp, this is depressing as fuck. When I finally found someone it turns out they didn't read the rules. I'm never going to find a partner here.
  2. Sweets-and-horror

    Fandom  So I made a My Hero Academia OC

    PLEASE READ EVERYTHING Because I'm not getting any luck on my witch OC, so I changed her into an MHA OC. I like the series enough to have a thread about it.(Plus, it popular.) If you already have seen my OC, I'm reusing her but edited to be in the MHA universe. PM me if you're interested and...
  3. Sweets-and-horror

    Fandom 1x1 Roleplay partners

    Sure sorry to walk onto this. But I had one bit of craving on doing an MHA verse with my OC. (AKA An MHA version of my OC.) If you're interested in discussing the idea, DM me. Maybe we can work something out.
  4. Sweets-and-horror

    Fandom 1x1 Roleplay partners

    I have a RP pitch. I've been bumping all day. I don't want to post it but all the info is here. Since I've been having no luck. I'm kinda looking around now.
  5. Sweets-and-horror

    Fandom 1x1 Roleplay partners

    Ahh, I see. I'm looking for a partner who can do... 25+ sentences. And also a partner who's interested in my OC
  6. Sweets-and-horror

    Fandom 1x1 Roleplay partners

    How many paragraphs do you usually do?
  7. Sweets-and-horror

    Fantasy I'm role playing as a witch OC,help me develop the plot!

    I'm lonely I need a partner....
  8. Sweets-and-horror

    Fantasy 1x1 Ideas, needing help with plots!

    Hey there! I recalled starting an RP with you, with my OC back in the day. To be honest, around that time my OC was very underdeveloped. To the point, I realize I didn't like the plot I made before it's too late. It's kinda why I dropped our thread without saying anything. I didn't know where...
  9. Sweets-and-horror

    Multiple Settings [ 1x1 Partner Search ] [ m// f// ] [ Always Open ] [ Updated Plots ]

    Ah, right! Welp, I'm going to be playing my witch OC. I think you seen it because you gave my post a like. If you're interested lin them, we can plot together! Hopefully we can make something we both can enjoy. PM me if you're interested!
  10. Sweets-and-horror

    Multiple Settings [ 1x1 Partner Search ] [ m// f// ] [ Always Open ] [ Updated Plots ]

    Mmmm.....does it have to be 1920s-1970s? I think we can work something out if we're not stuck in that timeline
  11. Sweets-and-horror

    Fandom Chasing Rainbows// Hazbin Hotel 1x1 Search

    Damn, you had me at Hazbin Hotel RP but I can't play my OC. Best of luck then, free bump.
  12. Sweets-and-horror

    Fandom  What if Pokemon was more realistic? (Dark pokemon RP thread)

    I've always wanted a Pokemon series were they go by the pokedex. The fucked up bio how pokemon can kill humans. Creative stories how pokemon can be implemented in heavily grimdark material. Like using your pokemon to stalk others, or hurt others. Instead of focusing on pokemon battles or squeaky...