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  1. Abrahms

    Fianna[Party 1]

    Hullo! Your background seems fine, the only thing of note on your sheet is 1) I suggest marking somewhere the size of your inspiration die and how many uses you still have left (since PBP is slower, it's easier to forget if it's been used or not over time.) Also, the "MAX" section on your...
  2. Abrahms

    Davavor Osenas - Bard [Party9]

    When you have the sheet and backstory done, be sure to tag me (@Abrahms) on the Discord so I know to come check this over again!
  3. Abrahms

    Daermir Farren[Party10]

    Character Backstory: Don't see much here that needs asking about, but I will note it's always good to proofread! Character Sheet: Please list your other features: Dwarven Resilience. You have advantage on saving throws against poison, and you have resistance against poison damage...
  4. Abrahms

    Svend Ulfr (Colburn)[Party9]

    Character Sheet: I see nothing here that needs to be fixed. Character Background: I see nothing here that needs to be fixed, it was well written and interesting. Let me know on discord by tagging me (@Abrahms) that you've read this and I'll get you approved! We'll try to get a party going soon.
  5. Abrahms

    Shae Corra[Party 9]

    Character Sheet: Don't forget to roll your additional 1d10 starting gold in the #dice channel. Please mark your hit die as 1d8. Backstory: I see nothing wrong with the backstory, however I suggest adding more variety to your words and sentence structure. Also formatting -- breaking up...
  6. Abrahms


    Character Sheet: Looking at the values for your stats, and also looking through Discord ... you never rolled for your stat values. Blades of Obsidian is the only thing run by the server itself that uses a stat array. In the discord server, go to #dice and put this into the chat: !rr 6 4d6kh3...
  7. Abrahms

    [Party 10]Nindrol Blakwyrm

    Character Sheet: Please fill in the bubbles for your spells (put 1 in the little O on the spell sheet) so they show as being prepared since for warlocks they're always prepared. Character Backstory: Firstly, a small nitpick -- as much as you're going to likely be writing out for CoS, it's...
  8. Abrahms

    [Party 6]Benson Anhelada

    Character Sheet: I see nothing here that needs fixing. Character Backstory: I see nothing here that needs fixing.
  9. Abrahms

    [Party 6]Reppip Yoci

    Character Sheet: Please mark the Entertainer background along the top of your sheet. Please mark your saving throws: Dexterity and Charisma. Please also pick your remaining three skills from any you don't already have. Damage for your rapier is 1d8+2 piercing. The attack bonus for your dagger...
  10. Abrahms

    [Inactive]Krips Targo

    Character Sheet: How do you have 10g? And Weaver's tools? Urchin would have given you 10g, and your gold roll was only 2. You have PROFICIENCY in a tool, you do not HAVE the tool. Move that to Tools and Languages or Notes. Please list your hitpoint max is 9 (the line above the larger number)...
  11. Abrahms

    [Party 2]Henry "Gor" Hutchward

    Character Sheet: Why is your speed 25ft and not 30ft? I suggest marking your ammount of rages and current rage damage. I also suggest marking your handaxes and javelins under attacks. They will be the same to hit as your greataxe. Character Backstory: Nothing I see here catches my eye as...
  12. Abrahms

    [Party 6]Varis NaÏlo

    Character Sheet: On your spell sheet please mark that you have 2 slots under Max as well. I suggest marking your background feature on your sheet as well -- it may come up in a campaign since it can be far more general than some other features. Your attack bonus for crossbow and daggers would...
  13. Abrahms

    [Party 2]Ezra Oreth

    Character Sheet: Please mark your profs -- like armor and weapons. Also suggest having somewhere on the sheet to track your divine sense uses along with the current amount of LoH you still have along with the total amount available. I also suggest filling in the age/height/weight etc. box on...
  14. Abrahms

    [Party 2]Alaer Eytheris, Rogue

    Hullo! Character Sheet: I see nothing here that needs changing. Character Backstory: Nothing here catches my eye as needing changing. Let me know if you have any questions or wish to change anything by tagging me (@Abrahms) in the Discord!
  15. Abrahms

    [Party 3]Naivara Galanodel

    Hullo! Sorry it took a bit. Character Sheet: Nothing catches my eye as needing fixing (but wow did you get some good stats for a wizard!) -- only thing I'd say is you get to also roll 1d10 in the #dice channel for extra starting funds beyond the background. Character Bio: Nothing catches my...
  16. Abrahms

    [Party 1] Syvis Glynrel - Wood Elf Druid

    (For those using this as a reference for sheets -- this character is built differently given that she's meant for a specific party and I have already spoken to the DM for said party. For character building, refer to the standards set by the Character Creation Guide.) Character sheet: Druid...
  17. Abrahms

    [Party 5]Carwyn Gwirionedd, Cleric

    Character Sheet: For gold you should have the base 15g from your backgroud +1d10 gold rolled in the dice channel (where you rolled stats). For your spells, I suggest marking which ones are your Domain spells by adding a (D) at the end. Just to keep track of which will always be prepared for...
  18. Abrahms

    [Party 5]Gimble Waywocket, Rogue

    Character Sheet: Please list your languages in the Tools & Languages box. You should know Common, Gnomish, and one additional from your background. Also list Thieves Cant from your class. Please also list your background feature (Guild Membership). Please mark that you are a FOREST Gnome...
  19. Abrahms

    [Party 8]Gaarek Valthurg - Half-Orc Barbarian

    Character Sheet: You attack bonus on your weapons should be 6 (+4 str +2 prof). The damage bonus is the same since it's only the stat, and no prof. Character Bio: Nothing here catches my eye as needing fixing. When you're ready for another lookover or have questions, feel free to tag me...
  20. Abrahms

    [Party 5] Bryce Fauntleroy, Wizard

    Character Sheet: Toll the Dead doesn't have an attack bonus -- it's a Wisdom save, the target has to meet or exceed your spell DC (8+prof+int). Burning hands is the same -- saving throw not spell attack. Character Background: Nothing here catches my eye as needing fixing. When you're ready...