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    Fandom  Kyoku's Private Institution for Gifted Students

    @Nori @Shiyonichi @Topless @Roxasarass @PlusUltra @Sul_Silver Monday, April 7, 2000 Around 8-8:30 Jirou Nagata Jirou shot straight up as soon at the clock alarm's first sound. Always light on his feet, Jirou knew that this year was going to be hell in the morning. However, he was going here...
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    Fandom  Kyoku's Private School for Stand Users (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure School RP)

    Located in the countryside between Morioh, Japan, and Rabbit Hill, Japan, and overlooking a beautiful beach, the private school founded and funded by the Speedwagon Foundation provides… more suited education for those who seem different than others. Starting at age 5, children will attend until...
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    Fandom  Kyoku's Private Stand School Characters

    Here is the Character Sheet/Stand Sheet thread. Those participating must make both a Stand Sheet and a Character Sheet. Character Sheets About Name: Age: Grade: (8th-Senior depending on age, or teacher) Gender: Sexual Orientation: (Optional) Race: Nationality: Area of Residence: (on or off...
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    Fandom  Disco Hearts: The Return of Kars

    @Safety Hammer @Gravitys Momentum @SP3CT3R @BakaTheIdiot @Nori @Rusty of Shackleford @Poopetinspace @MainEventMan
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    Fandom  Disco Hearts: Return of Kars OOC

    @Nori @Rusty of Shackleford @Safety Hammer @BakaTheIdiot
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    Fandom  Disco Hearts: the Return of Kars (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

    March 1999 Rostov, Russia. It was so sudden that nobody could have predicted it. A meteorite fell from the sky in a snow-covered field outside of Rostov, and nobody thought much other than that. Of course, local authorities were dispatched to investigate, but they determined that there was...
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    Fandom  Disco Hearts (JoJo OC) Sheet Page

    Make your Character and Stand Sheets with the templates below! Stand Name Stand User Namesakes Appearance Stand Type (Close Range, Long Range, etc. does a good job on explaining the types of Stands if you're confused) Stand Ability Stand Stats (Make sure to follow the basic rules of the...
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    Multiple Settings  2194 Cyberpunk Fantasy Planning

    Hello there everybody! A friend and I have been planning and worldbuilding what will be a roleplay set in a cyberpunk-esque universe. The roleplay would focus heavily around Fantasy creatures, and although you don't have to play as them, that's the main focus. Witches, Fairies, Werewolves...
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    Fandom  The Hidden Moss (Long Term Naruto AU)

    The Village Hidden in the Moss, known as Mosumuragakure, is a peaceful village south of the Land of Rivers and Land of Wind, located within the Land of Jungle. It isn't a very well-known or well-talked about village, mostly because of the fact that they don't communicate with the outside world...
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    Fandom  Nature Always Wins (Naruto AU) Roleplay Page

    This is where we will be doing the Roleplay. @Repsugar @Nori @Flame Demon @MidnightMoon 4:30 p.m. The Ninja Academy Mosumuragakure The day had been a long one, and Kiyoshi Uzumaki just wanted to go home to train or something. Anything to get away from these people and the boring schoolwork...
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    Fandom  Nature Always Wins (Naruto AU, Long Term)

    The Village Hidden in the Moss, known as Mosumuragakure, is a peaceful village south of the Land of Rivers and Land of Wind, located within the Land of Jungle. Not many people talk about it, mostly because not a lot of people from the village leave, or do things like cooperating on missions...
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    Fandom  Nature Always Wins (Naruto AU) OOC

    The OOC Chat for Nature Always Wins @Repsugar @Nori @Flame Demon @MidnightMoon
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    Fandom  The Moss's NPC CS Page

    [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] I'll put NPC Character Sheets here. Eventually.
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    Fandom  Nature Always Wins (Naruto AU) CS Page

    This is where you post your Character Sheets. I'm going to say this here, you can go as in-depth as you want to, or just have it to where it's as basic as possible and add stuff that you deem necessary. You can add BBCode, or leave it as is. Be creative! Also, no Mary or Gary Sues @Repsugar...
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    Fandom  The Village Hidden in The Moss (Naruto AU)

    Pain. Death. Fire. All of these occurred in a few short hours in the Village Hidden in the Air. The origin of the blaze was -- and still is -- unknown, but we all know where it ended up. Everywhere. Countless people were lost. My people. Families, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters...
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    Fandom  The New(er) Avengers (working title) IC

    @Rusty of Shackleford @Yahhah @Crap im emo @gothgirl @Poopetinspace May 22, 2019 7:37 P.M. New York City The News Channel Specifically, the Daily Bugle A woman wearing a dress and blond hair had on the news for a while, talking about local events that not everyone was interested...
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    Fandom  Marvel RP Character Sheet Thread

    Here is the Character Sheet. If you want to add anything to it, feel free to do that. @Rusty of Shackleford @Crap im emo @Yahhah @Poopetinspace Name: Age: Gender: Morality: Weaknesses (Mental): Basic Appearance: Occupation: Alias: Costume: Description of Powers: How Powers were Acquired...
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    Fandom  Marvel RP OOC Chat

    hey howdy ho, it's the ooc chat @Rusty of Shackleford @Crap im emo @Yahhah
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    Fandom  Marvel Interest Check

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a Marvel-themed group roleplay? The group wouldn't be too big or too small -- maybe about 5 or 6 players. The roleplay would be centered around a group of heroes, possibly? Maybe something like Avengers. I guess it doesn't really...
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    Fandom  Knight Ascends {DC}

    This is the main roleplaying page for the Batman roleplay titled Knight Ascends let the games begin @Zachy1993 @Poopetinspace @Kassandra Rose @SparklyMittens