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  1. Knightrider

    Poetry  Depth by Soul

    "Only by being selfless, can we obtain our most beautiful selves" Depth By Soul I was not "Born", more like Animated. White curtains drawn, then circuits integrated. The final cost, could not be calculated. Processors calibrated, then I was activated. "She has no Soul"… so say those who...
  2. Knightrider

    Fantasy  Original Setting

    The Overarching plot will involve a war between human and elves... Looking for very literate partners to collaborate with. I have a setting I have been fleshing out for while, so let's talk characters and plots! Almost 500 years ago, Gauge was hit by a massive object from space. The entire...
  3. Knightrider

    Poetry  The Legend of Flowbane

    The Legend of Flowbane In a World of Myth, before fates hand were put to page. A lone Adventurer goes forth in the Lands of Gauge. In the harsh frost where the cold winds don't fade. Past the old marsh, where the forsaken Legions lay. Our hero heads North to where few tracks are laid. To seek...
  4. Knightrider

    Fantasy  Explore the World of Gauge..

    Explore the Fantasy World of Gauge... (Brief overview) Almost 500 years ago the planet was hit by a massive object from space. The entire Southern Continent of Euboa was cracked, all ancient Human civilizations erased from history. Those that survived fled to the mysterious Northern Continent...
  5. Knightrider

    Fantasy  Worldbuilders?

    Looking for a gifted and dedicated writer for Roleplay and World Building. I have been working on a setting over the course of a few months, fleshing out aspects of it here and there through 1x1 roleplaying. The first several experiences I had started great, but all the World Building, plotting...
  6. Knightrider

    Fantasy  MxM MxF roleplay

    Experienced Worldbuilder looking to start a long term roleplay adventure. Hit me back with your character ideas and expectations.
  7. Knightrider

    Twilight Kingdom

    I'm close to finished with a boardgame mod that I'm getting ready to play test. Essentially a medieval version of Twilight Imperium. I am a huge fan of that game and thought I would give it a shot on here, mix in some RP elements too. I been brainstorming on the whiteboard before I make the map...
  8. Knightrider

    Fantasy  Game of Kings

    This is a WIP... 4 players needed for a test run of a game. It is heavily influenced by boardgames I've played, (TI4, Axis and Allies, Risk etc.) An uncertain future... Ascaria is in chaos since the death of King Garion. With no heir to the throne the King's Advisors struggle to prevent...
  9. Knightrider

    Quest  Strategy Roleplaying

    I have an idea where each player takes on the role of a Medieval Lord or Lady. You need to defeat other upstarts and claim the crown. I need 4-6 people for a map campaign with boardgame like elements. Still working on the details, just looking for roleplayers who like strategy games also.
  10. Knightrider

    Fantasy  Looking for Main Characters!

    I have been building a world that is slowly coming together for writing and tabletop gaming. Classic fantasy races and creatures with a twist... think High Fantasy brought down to low in the current setting. I need Main Characters! Tell me about your character, their motivation and plot ideas...
  11. Knightrider

    Other  New at Cartography

    Hi everyone, I'm new to roleplaying and World Building. I did a rough draft of a Land I used in writing before, just looking for critiques.
  12. Knightrider

    Fantasy  Cartography

    Hi all, I have finally started to map out a Setting I have used for some time in my writing. It is still in it's infancy as I flesh it all out. Basically my idea is to find another person with a passion for building worlds. Work out details and History, bounce ideas back and forth and create a...
  13. Knightrider

    Fantasy  New to roleplaying!

    Long time wargamer and terrain builder, I have finally discovered RPGs! I mean, I always knew about them but never took the time to learn about and appreciate them fully until recently. Basically looking to be a player and I'm definitely open minded and willing to learn. So if you're an...