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  1. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  Star Wars rp

    @Severinus @TheLoneWolf @dendygar
  2. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  Star Wars the war of the galaxy

    @Severinus @TheLoneWolf @dendygar canon Poe Dameron- me Name- Age- Gender- Personally- Backstory- Resistance or First Order-
  3. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  Star Wars baby.

    I was thinking it would be fun to do a Star Wars group. I was thinking we could go with some Resistance and first order peeps. I have to be resistance honestly. Maybe this could take place during the force awakens and yes there will be canon characters available. Contact me if you wanna join...
  4. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  Men in Black international rp 1X1

    Ok I saw the movie and it twisted my blood In a awesome way. I like M and H a lot but I’ll be anyone ya want except fungus) Pm if interested.
  5. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  Raccoon city escape

    Hello all. Pete here. I just got the Resident evil 2 remake and started playing it and thought it was amazing!! I would like to see if anyone would be interested in a 1X1 canon or OC rp. Feel free to pm me :) My OC Name- Colton loveheart Background- He was born on the outskirts of Raccoon...
  6. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  Partner needed MXF (updated!)

    Hello my name is Pete and I am looking for partners. I usually am on a lot and can adapt to my partners length although it might take a while sometimes. I like Romance and will not do MXM or FXF I’m sorry I’m just not comfortable. I can play canon or be a OC. Fandoms Witcher 👌(OC Maybe...
  7. PeteTheWitcher

    Who’s the sexiest game character Male or Female

    Honestly Geralt is papi for males and Sheva from Resident evil is mami for females.
  8. PeteTheWitcher

    Other  Why does no one like Resident Evil on here?

    Its a popular game and still nobody role-plays it.
  9. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  Ok 1X1 I’m a guy too

    I really want to do canon X canon. Resident evil Sherry X Jake Piers X Rebecca Avengers Natasha X Bruce Tony X Captain Marvel Other canons I can’t thank of but pm me if interested
  10. PeteTheWitcher

    Multiple Settings  Bored.

    I’m stuck doing a poopy rp with someone. I need to find a good partner.
  11. PeteTheWitcher

    Multiple Settings  No one likes my interests

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Ok but if you like these interest please respond! Resident Evil Marvel Borderlands Uncharted Assassins creed syndicate
  12. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  God dang Leon

    Yeah I don't like him fight me. I didn't play RE 2 yet so I don't know him as the rookie cop. DOSO Leon has does not impress me at all. You know what since everyone is Leon X someone ima do this. Male Sherry X your guy Helena X your guy Females Chris X your girl Jake X your girl
  13. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  Resident Evil 6- BSAA Squad

    SQUAD! So I want to do a rp in Eastern Europe with our BSAA squad. You can be Chris or Piers, if you must be Sherry or Jake I will allow it but its not about them ITS ABOUT US THE BSAA SQUAD! 1. I hope this can be a group but if not I can do one X one. 2. I hope you can be online most of the...
  14. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  Infamous rp?

    1. One X one with a woman 2. Don’t be a one liner except maybe when having a conversation. 3. I’m not a grammar Nazi
  15. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom  Infamous one X one

    Hello I am craving a Infamous rp most specifically the 2nd one but I can do Seattle or empire city if need be. I’m Looking for a person who can be a canon or a OC. 1. Writing is hard! I don’t expect you to write a freaking essay but write enough when our characters are not talking. EX- don’t...
  16. PeteTheWitcher

    Multiple Settings  anyone? I need to break in here

    Talk to me. My idea is a rp in WW1 running from the Ottomans or something
  17. PeteTheWitcher

    hello I am new and yep i'm new

    I really don't know what to do here but my rp history consists of Discord, FFN, and Amino. I can be a male or female in rp and plot wise I like modern stuff. My pet peeve is when people have their own character make out in the rp that shit really annoys me because those people should be a writer...