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  1. Wei Ying

    Fandom  Rp partner needed (MDZS)

    As a role player of 7 years I like to consider myself fairly experienced in plot building and character development. I'm currently looking for a partner to RP Mo Dao Zu Shi (Founder of Diabolism/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) with. It doesn't matter to me if you know only the novel, comic...
  2. Wei Ying

    Fandom  Role Play Partners Needed!

    About Me I'm 21 years old and my role play experience is near 8 years, so I can confidently say that I am quite experienced. I like long-term RPs with a dynamic plot. However, as I am studying in university and having a few other things on my plate, my attention sometimes can be taken up by...
  3. Wei Ying

    Fandom  Black Butler RP Partner Recruitment

    A little bit about me... I am a skilled role player with a little more than 5 years of experience behind my back. My stories are like fanfiction because I like well-developed plots. I prefer to take existing franchises and use a cannon character. Rarely do I create OCs, though am not opposed to...