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  1. Imrie101

    Fantasy  1x1 Star Trek Romance M/F

    Greetings! I’m looking for someone 18+ (never can be to careful nowadays) and female please! Must be okay playing a Starship Captain who falls in love with an alien who becomes the First Officer. Please leave character sheet below, or PM me. Thanks for looking!
  2. Imrie101

    Fandom  Star Trek: Integrity

    Integrity Star date: 2372 While inspecting the perimeter of the gamma sector The Integrity encounters a distress signal several light years beyond the boarder. Risking war with the Dominion, Veteran Captain Veers attempts his last rescue mission. With the closest Federation Ship 76 hours...
  3. Imrie101

    Futuristic  Star Trek: USS Integrity

    First Operation: The USS Integrity investigates a mysterious Distress Signal. But not everything is as it seems... Looking for two RPers, details are as follows: Captain Role 1: As Captain of The USS Integrity it’s your job to stay true to your morals and obligations. Sometimes that means...
  4. Imrie101

    Fantasy  Isle of Elysium ((CLOSED))

    ((Thank you for visiting our RP! I hope to update this intro in the future but I’m in a rush to start it so apologies. Story Premise: Fantasy - Elysium Premise/Recruitment)) The Beginning - TO SEE HIM STANDING THERE, leaning on one hip in the street market, you could never have guessed Ura...
  5. Imrie101

    Fantasy  Original Character Elysium

    Hi! Please post your character sheet below. Details are as follows: (any additional info is welcome also) God/Goddess Name: Age: Sex: Correlation of title or name: (god or goddess of what?) Personality: Appearance: (any picture references can be posted here, please do not forget to credit...
  6. Imrie101

    Fantasy  Elysium Premise/Recruitment

    Premise: So basically the protagonist (my OC) Ura Nagy a mortal washes on the shore of a mythical island called Elysium. A place we’re Geek gods spend their vacation among mortals who’ve won their favor. Without any memories of his previous life he feels misplaced, lonely and worried about...
  7. Imrie101

    Fantasy  ((Closed)) Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? II

    **DISCLAIMER** I DO NOT OWN “Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?” or its characters! Apologies! I’ve been working on some artwork for Trinity Zane.
  8. Imrie101

    Fantasy  Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? ((CLOSED))

    Hi! I’ve been RPing on and off for close to 6 months now. I love anime, I draw my own stuff and am looking for an RPer who’s into the same. (MxF only please) RPer must be familiar with said series and can supply their own OC and OCFamilia (or if apart of one mentioned in the series please give...