Hello everyone.

If you're checking out my profile that probably means you want to know a few things about well, me. If we're in an rp together chances are that I'm pretty quiet and I rarely ever speak ooc and when I do it's not really much. Well I just don't like talking ooc, I am a really introverted person who tends to overthink just about everything even if it's incredibly minor. I just get stressed over those things so please don't feel like I mean anything negative by my silence.

On a different note I am a big fan of writing even if I'm not great at it, I constantly am thinking up different stories, characters and worlds to either explore in my own writing or in RP. My favorite genre to read and write would have to be fantasy. All the things that go into these other worlds just really stand out to me. My favorite part of fantasy would probably be the monsters or different races that go into them. I just find it neat that there are so many different perspectives that go into these different worlds.

I am also a big fan of the animal kingdom and the natural world. Making a lot of the characters I play in RPs around the site mostly animal based.

I am a big time superhero fan as well, a lot of my favorite media have to do with humans who have some kind of supernatural powers.
June 26
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