I love wolves, well all animals really. I am a proud mother of three children. I like to "write" when the moment takes me. I quoted it because I do not consider myself a writer, but like to put words on the page from time to time. I often wrote poetry in the past. I draw and paint when I find the time, and even occasionally play my Keyboard by ear(self taught).

I Am Me (feb, 26, 2018)

I am a nerd, a dork, and a geek.
I'm not cute, or pretty, but perhaps a bit unique.

I talk to much because I care.
But I have a lap, a shoulder and and ear to share.
I giggle and smile over little things.
It's just a way I show how much it means.

I'm small in height, but not in heart.
I'll cry at movies, and at each tender part.
I feel love, but depression too.
I miss those that have left us to soon.

I love all my family and friends,
Even if i know some day, it will end.
I treasurer the small moments in a day,
Like the way sun catches at clouds in play.

I am me, here i am.
I'll reach out for you to take my hand.

I just wanted to say,
I'm a need, a dork and a geek.
I'm not cute, or pretty, but perhaps a bit unique.


original poem. If You wish to know me further, then all you have to do is ask.

Howl proud and free my friends!
United States


~* "Don't judge a book by its cover. Things are not always what they seem." *~